New grower, was told these plants are Auto flowers

Yep, cider vinegar, peroxide, and neem oil all help with wpm.
Peroxide is about 1/4 cup in a 16oz spray bottle. Problem with most over the counter products for fungicide is that they all contain some sort of oil. Soybean being the most common. There may be a few other things in with it, but soybean oil is the primary ingredient. I prefer neem oil, which is good for other things too.


Alright so I got rid of the powder mildew, and have still continued in 12/12 but still am seeing no signs of budding really and it’s a month in, am I doing something wrong or what’s going on here

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Update: I’m noticing now there are bud sites forming now with the white hairs starting to really show, with how long it took to even start forming I’m curious how long it may actually take to get to harvest, I’m due for a watering tomorrow, so was wondering if there’s anything I could add to help give the girls some boost in producing the flowers, super excited and cant wait to find out how these girls turn out. Went from a green tea smell to starting to get that skunky smell back again, still on 12/12 weekly feeding of fox farms grow big and big bloom, thinking I may try adding the tiger bloom again since I’m noticing the buds forming hopefully the girls react nicely, and should I move up the amount of feedings I’m doing? Would love feedback so far of what everyone has to say on what I can do different and or tweak, first time grow has turned out to be quite a learning experience

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A month into 12-12 or from seed? Plants wont flower until sexually mature. She looks about the right size.

Autos however are mischievous to say the least. They’ll flower as they please. Honestly I wouldnt even flirt with the idea of flipping back to 18/6. Let her ride on 12-12 and plan for harvest around…. Christmas? 10ish weeks. Smokable by New Years

A month Into 12/12 both the girls are coming along nicely now

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