New grower trying to sex bag seed

Hello all. I’ve been lurking on your forums for a few months trying to absorb all this knowledge!

I have a seed from a bag of green crack that I am trying to sex.

This is what I’m looking at and thinking it’s a girl

Here is a pic of my plants! I know blurple but gotta start somewhere. One of the solo cups is my ILGM lsd seed.

Any advice or help with sexing would be appreciated.

Maybe still too soon to tell , you need a couple of white hairs poking out of the nodes. I would guess that it’s a female. If you really want to know, switch it to 12/12. You will get your answer. I would grow more vegetation first.

Almost looks like a female. You should know for sure in about a week

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Thank you for the quick reply. I should have included this plant is 29 days old.

those are some nice closeup photos. nice camera. what type?

also to answer ur question i dont see any sex characteristics yet

I used the camera on my galaxy s8 for the pictures. And thank you for the response.

This is what had me curiously excited

It is a pretty good pic w the S8… Has anyone ever tried or heard anything with the zoom Moto mod for the Force Z ? Now I’m mega curious before dropping the doe … hmmm

Plant in pic is female. Young undeveloped female.
Plants will show sex at the same location…where branches join the main stem.
Soon you will see one on each side of the branch…get a flashlight shine it sideways to your vision on the female pod. You will see two fine hairs----pistils. You will see the same two fine hairs on EACH female pod. Once they get too old…they die and turn red/orange/brown. That is where you will see buds developing…IF you do what they need.

If you see a cluster of round dingle berries…it’s a male. One pollen pod can and will seed a large room of females. AND…the fine pollen will still be in the room after the seeded plants are gone.

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luckily pollen is dactivated once its been wet. if your grow ever becomes “infected” with pollen all u need to do in wet, soap, wipe, and clean all surfaces and itll be ok

Yes my biggest concern was pollen and almost abandoned it as I really didn’t think it would grow because that seed was plucked from a grinder and has turned into a thriving plant that is in close proximity to my autos I have flowering

They seem to be a little heavy on the ruderalis side​:joy::joy:

Hello, I am a first time grower. I have bought the feminized seeds from this sight but haven’t started them yet. I did start an unknown supposed to be sour d plant to see if I could without wasting good seed. Everything is going pretty good but today (2&1/2 weeks into bloom, I have all kinds of white hairs and that makes me happy but I found one little growth not like the others. If I just have one male ball can I cut it off and keep growing?

Take couple of pics of the “suspect” IN WHITE LIGHT.

Post your own topic and the pics.

It turned out to have white hairs. Thank you for reply. I’m new and bashful. I should have said old bashful. lol

No prob. white light pics help lots.

How do I send pictures to this site? I’m new at that too.

Use the icon options at the top of the new message box. 7th one from left is upload…clik n follow directions.

Thank you for trying. My little ball had two white hairs. All is good now. I will figure out how to put pictures on here so I can show my first grow.

Good to hear you are more confident and relaxed now. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v: