New grower trying to go from Hps to led

New grower here. I have a 4x4 tent. I have a Hps/mh setup and over the electric bill. What light setup is best. I just had a baby so I can’t fork out loads of cash for a light. Also should I do one big light or multiple small lights. Thanks for any help

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I run a Roi-e720 made by Growers Choice in a 4x4 space.
Theres many good options though. I see good deals on 2nd hand lights on FB market place all the time. And sometimes goid deals on used or refurbished HLG lights on ebay…


I have definitely looked at hlg and the roie and those are a bit to pricey. When I saw I’m new, I just hung my first run. And oh boy I’m glad I can laugh. So I guess to better help the people trying to help me, I guess my price range would be roughly 400$ and that’s pushing it. Thank you all! This place is amazing! Filled with great people. Definitely going through ilgm when it’s time to get some more beans!


Also I’m looking for an all in one light. I don’t want to have to do anything special i between veg and flower.

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At a 400 price point the only couple options that could light a 4x4 adequately would be the Spider Farmer SF4000 runs 422 on Amazon or the Mars Hydro FC-E4800 runs about 385 on Ledgrowlightsdepot website thats shipping included on both units its a bot hard to light that size space adequately on that budget but still doable lol


Has anyone ever heard of or seen this one?

VIVOSUN Patented Design VS4300 LED Grow Light Foldable Dimmable Plant Grow Light with Samsung & OSRAM Diodes and 5 Dimming Option - Full Spectrum Light for Indoor Plants


Looks like a decent light.

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Im familiar with vivosun i use one of there tents as well as a couple gadgets personally i wouldn’t use any of there lights but thats my preference also compared to the Mars Hydro FC-E4800 id 100% spend the extra 15 buck for better hardware and something i feel would last longer than a vivosun light

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So for the fc-e4800 it seems like I’d have to run supplemental co2. Is that true? I’m too new for all that lol

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At over 1000umol/s it enables you to run co2 but it’s not necessary to run it wide open as it has more power than you need.


On amazon there is a 640w bar style light by groplanner for $450 delivered to your door. I dont use these but i know a couple people that do and they work well. Hope this helps

To do that the room needs to be sealed or Co2 levels cant be maintained. Temps would need to be controlled closer. Its a whole different animal.

I added an extra space and was given a led from a friend it’s called a timplay some kind of China made led with Samsung diods.

I am quite impressed with this light as it’s only like 280 watts but I’m growing a four by three under it.

I asked him how much it cost and he said 120 bucks on ebay.

As Jay and Spiney mentioned no using this light does not require you to use co2

My only advice is to not cheap out on lights. You might be better off to eat the electricity costs and continue to use MH/HPS until you can afford a real quality light.

My vote is for HLG and if using only one tent I’d suggest a pair of QB300’s (R Spec) so you don’t have to run both during veg (another savings). You could also purchase just one for veg then flower under HPS or buy a second light when the time comes to add it to your grow.


Bingo! Better off with what you have than to go budget LEDS unless you want budget buds???

That vivosun light you linked look pretty good to me.
Heres another i found just now. I know nothing personally about this brand but some of there other fixtures have good reviews on YouTube.
This one is under $400, and its just over 600 watts actual power draw…

Budget lights do not necessitate budget bud.
This internet and this forum even, is full of people killing it with what I would consider “budget lights”.
The biggest risk when buying a budget light is not getting what you think you are in areas of power draw and spectrum.

With a decent understanding of these things so you can use what you actually buy properly. Budget lights can grow top shelf.

I don’t claim to be a master or anything but my spiderfarmer se3000 w/UV is an amazing budgetlight for full cycle.
I would say it honestly does better then my Growers Choice Roi-e720 that isn’t a budget light as the se3000 has a wider spectrum.
I just don’t want newer people to think they have to have the most expensive equipment to grow killer weed, because it simply isn’t true.
As long as you know what you have and how to best use it, you will get good smoke my freind :relaxed:


Maybe we have a different perception of the “word” budget. However its use in this op i read as cheep lights as he’s haveing difficultty with an electricy bill. Exceptions are always possible but i stand by my statement.

I am presently using 2 bloomspect ss1000s (samsung lm301b diodes and meanwell drivers with dimmers) for seedlings and early veg in a 4x2x4ft. box).

I use 2 viparspectra xs1500s with the same diodes and driver with dimmers in a 4x2x5ft. box for late veg and flowering.

I use a spiderfarmer sf 1000d (no dimmer) and a maxsisun mf2000 (samsung diodes and meanwell driver)…in another 4x2x5ft box, also for late veg and flowering…

they all seem to work for me and are “cheaper” than HLG or Mars Hydro I believe. I have made 2 grows now with ilgm super lemon haze fem. seeds. In the 2 larger boxes. I am smoking it now…

I germinated before under burple lights for early seedling stage but switched to the bloomspects this time.
Point being- all those brands work for me if the diodes and drivers are good quality and they can deliver from a 200 to about a 900 PAR value at canopy level from seed to harvest…

Here is “train wreck” from ilgm in the pics. But so far I only have 5 seeds of 10 that have popped up above the surface - so I may still have something to learn about the germination and early seed stages…

best regards

PS- I just switched from HIDs also - after about 5 years and it did get some getting used to, especially in late flower…but results were certainly favorable with the leds when compared to the HIDs at half the electricity used. So the savings in electricity will pay off and the heat is negligible in comparison.