New grower, trying to get info on steps

Iam trying to find out the process of growing after this stage (picture below) how much water do they need? How much light, any info would be great!


@Mr.Indica thanks bro

First they need very little water & best by misting around base of stem. Soil or soiless & what are you planning to use? What type of lighting & if kept in tent what is your temps & humidity? I would add a little soil or coir around top to cover stem more & dome them for humidty. You need a ph meter. PH is crucial! The plant cannot take in the nutrients & get proper nutrition if your ph is off. If you use tap water let it set @ least 24 hours to dissipate chlorine. Read, read, read & ask any question even if you feel someone might think its stupid. Its not. The stupid question is one not asked. Lots of wonderful growers happy to help & see you succeed.


What she said :point_up:️. You really need to make sure you don’t overwater, it’s the number one killer of seedlings. Make sure there are holes on the bottom of those cups.


Ok so I will done them with a clear jar, I will not water anymore, I was putting a few teaspoons in every other day. I’ll get the mister, how long do I leave domes on? Iam jut using very little light right now just the sun, is there a light I could use that’s not huge, trying to be discreet, got two young kids. Ok I need to get a ph meter, for this stage? About how long until I need the light and larger pot? My temp is 65/75 all day everyday. I do live down the street from beach, will that mess with the PH? Thank you so much!!!

Hey @Caligrown895,

Of course man. Glad you got your own thread going. People here are pretty helpful and nice.

As mentioned before, overwatering is the most common newbie mistake. I read about it and still overwatered my first seedling. The problem isn’t so much too much water, but lack of oxygen, so no matter how much you want to water her all the time, hold off! She needs to drink a little, but breath a little too.

In terms of light, what are you using? Natural light? Indoor lighting? In terms of hours per day. You want to start with 18 hours per every 24 hours. That’ll be your lighting schedule for seedling and veg phases.

Let us know what light source you plan on using…

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I do have holes on the bottom, I’m just using the sun, is that ok for now? When will I transplant from this stage? Thanks

The windowsill will be ok for a few days. Do you have a light ready for them? Most people leave them under lights for 24 hours a day for the first two weeks, so that’s something to think about. If they don’t get enough light they’re going to stretch. You’ll probably need to transplant in about a week if they’re growing well.


A simple 9-15 watt led or cfl will get u thru these 2 weeks (coupled with the sun and 2 more maybe thru the first month or so). But you will need more light. Best thing about those little lights are the are low intensity so u can run them inchs from the plants n they consume minimal energy. But look around and into lighting. Very important

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