New grower switching strains

i am a fairly new grower (less than a year), and i started with 3 super skunk seeds which i started a few months apart.with each i learned a lot about growing and harvesting and the third is by far the strongest and healthiest based on what i learned from the first 2. however i bought some white widow seeds because of the discount.(all from ilgm). what i am wondering now is should i have switched strains or should i have kept with super skunk until i got really good. already i see a few differences in how white widow grows and looks compared to skunk, so am going on a new learning curve or are my growing skills transferable, if that makes sense.does it take multiple grows with a strain to understand what you should do or should i feel good with just experimenting with different strains?

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First, Welcome to ILGM. There are many growers here that have a lot of knowledge and can help you with any problems that come up.

It is a personal thing on what you grow. Personally, I like a variety of strains to smoke and grow. I prefer tasting different strains and some of them work better than others for my medical problems. I believe that growing different strains will make you a better grower. Most of the principles are the same no matter what strain you grow. The basics of pH and feeding are the same in every strain with little changes in them.

That is just my personal take on it! Good luck on no matter what you decide. Jerry

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White Widow is pretty easy to grow. I think you’ll do just fine with it :slight_smile:

If you get snagged up, we’re all here to help.