New Grower-( Super Skunk Auto Fem )

New Grower, This is my second grow. This grow is the Super Skunk strain. Is it recommended to Top and Mainline this strain? If you did decide to Top and Mainline what week would you be looking to do this? I know they say 5 node before Topping. At what week will this strain start too flower? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In advance.
Grow is indoor, 3 plants under 2 600w Maygrow LEDs. Medium is 5 Gallon smart pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil using the 3 Fox Farm Nutes ( Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Grow Big with the addition of Flower Kiss ).
Grow is under a light schedule of 18 on and 6 off. I am in week # 2 since sprout.

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is your super skunk an auto?

it sounds like an auto. lets assume its an auto.

the exact behavior of any one plant will not be the same as any other plant. there are strain specific characteristics, but one seed varies from another within a strain as much or more than human siblings.

generally autos flower at or around 30 days.

most growers do not recommend topping or mainlining autos. and instead will go for low stress training techniques such as supercropping or just pulling the plant over and tying it down.

ill tag you into my grow so you can have a reference case for mainlining autos


Yeah it’s an auto. Says so right in the thread title, lol. I’m thinking light lst is all you wanna do with an auto. We need pics.

just like me, skipping the title and straight into the details

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Tag me too, please?

no problem