New Grower-Strawberry Kush Feminized

We are new to growing. Growing strawberry kush feminized. I’m worried we waited to long to flip to 12/12 flowering. What do you guys think?


What is it you’re worried about are you worried about them getting to tall ?


One of my all time favorite strains. If you have the room I would veg her out a bit longer. Get some girth. You will love the results :slight_smile:
Plant looks healthy and happy.


I’m worried I let them get to tall and too skinny that they won’t produce a lot of bud. Very inexperienced grower here….LOL

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They’ll fill out and possibly double in height


Thay are looking great. :slight_smile:


Looks very nice I would put a net over those babies to keep them from stretching any taller and start tucking them under the net to control the height and get a nice even flat canopy for flower will produce some very nice nugs, welcome aboard


You don’t think it’s too late? I’m just asking……I’m totally new. They are about 4ft tall now.

:astonished:. Ummm I think I’m gonna need a bigger tent. LOL

If you put the net now at least you can control the stretch when you put them in flour just keep tucking under the net for the first three or four weeks of flour asas it grows through the net keep tucking it back under to the next square out otherwise the stretch in flower will get pretty close to lights

Bought the netting today. Gonna get them taken care of tonight :+1:t2: Thanks so much for the help :blush:

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Just noticed these “ball” type growths. This doesn’t mean this is a male plant, does it???

Male plant

We purchased the feminized seeds. This shouldn’t have happened. Now what!?!?

Could be a Hermie almost looks like there’s a calyx with hairs next to where the balls are but can’t tell for sure from that picture.

If you have other plants in with it they most likely have been pollinated. Those sacks already opened.

I’d get it out of there asap, “gently” and hope for the best with the others. Hopefully someone chimes in with some experience. I grow outdoors and have no idea how to prevent the rest of your plants from going to seed inside a tent.

The demon has been removed. LOL. Thanks for all of your help. My fingers are crossed.