New Grower, should i remove some branches and fan leaves?

Hi, these plants are were planted from germinated seeds 7.5 weeks ago.

can anybody let me know how they think they are going and also if i should remove some branches and fan leaves.

also, some branches at the bottom have got 3 or more little side branches sprouting off. should i disgard these?

Thanks so much in advance for any responders. Ive just joined this group and it seems very helpful and full of kind people.

i look forward to sharing and contributing with you.

Have a great day


they look to be growing very nice…try to visualize how you want them to grow and then start trimming/bending to that image…go slow


Welcome to the community. Your plants are Beautiful. Great Job. :blush::v:


thanks so much :slight_smile:

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They look good. Does a single row get better sunlight with less exposure to eyes? And the training mentioned above could occupy the space of a second row.


hi. thanks. the fan leaves are shading some parts of the central plant so i was thinking that by removing some of these more light and air would get to the plant but as a new grower im obviously hesitant.


they are normally placed in a line along my balcony. just bunched them for photo


That sunlight “LINE” looks about 750 PPFD. How long does sunlight hit the balcony?
I get 4 hours of sunlight (if any) in my outdoor area. We shall see. Fan leaf removal, caution would be fan leaves are the solar panels, take some if blocking bud areas, leave lowest until color changes. You got enough to EXPERIMENT. Happy trimming to you.

ahh, im a little ignorant. i’ll go read up a little on PPFD.

My apartment balcony is ESE facing so gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day here in Mallorca.

I think i will remove the fan leaves at the middle of the plant whilst leaving a couple at the bottom and top.

Thank you so much for the feedback.

I appreciate it.


so as you can see i have removed a few fan leaves and a couple of lower sites that werent getting much light. the plants have responded well and the branches appear to be strenghtening and aiming for the light.

the little bushes gathering at the end of the bottom branches? will they amount to much? should i remove any more or just see how they get on?

thanks everybody and have a great day

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