New grower, second grow. YIKES! Please Help

Greenery Head’s, What it Do?
Okay so this is my second run, 1st was photos and now autos, 2 Gelatos, 1 Zkittles and a Wedding cake. All started at the same time and just harvested the Zkittles and Gel. this past Friday, but the wedding cake has yet to develop trich’s. I did take my peeping glass (Loupe) and did notice a trich or two also noticed what I can only assume are trich formations on the leaves (pimples). This is claimed to be a 10-14 week and I am at week 12. Do I just need to ride out the storm? PS. She is still growing. Recently installed ceiling fan for better air flow. LOL


The harvest times stated is under perfect conditions. It looks like it’s building good bud structure so just ride it out. Your going to have a good harvest.

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She’s a whopper! Nice grow. It’s hard to tell from the pic but she looks like she’s still got a lot of white hairs so your buds are still growing.

If they don’t end up where you might have liked, some well timed pruning may have helped. You main cola looks like it’s got about 100 satellites, and it divided them pretty evenly.

That’s one of the problems I’ve got with autos. The flowering part is the point of the whole thing, seems risky to leave that to chance.

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Just going off of pistils all i see is white indicating ypi definitely still have a chunk of time left just let her do her thing

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