New grower searching for knowledge

Hello everyone. I’m new to growing and to ILGM forum. Hopefully I’m in the right category.

Welcome to the forum… what kinda questions you looking to get answered if I dont know I know some one who will… only dump question is the one you didn’t ask :sunglasses::v:


I just posted a question in a different category. My bad.

I added my other led from 2x2 grow tent led 600w into 3x3 tent. Pics coming after class.

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The one is the cup is skittles. Its a stubborn one. I carefully unburied her just to see if the seed had popped. Sure enough after no luck in the water cup, no luck in the ziplock bag and 7 days later it popped in the damn coco & perlite mix.
The 3 on the sides are my jalapenos.:japanese_ogre:

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