New Grower, questioning what deficiency is happening

Hello everyone, This is my first grow, I got two granddaddy purple autoflowers and immediately planted them in 5 gal pots after germination. They looked very similar until around a month in, when one of them started turning light lime green and randomly started flowering early. The plants are in fox farm ocean forest soil, and since I was broke I was trying to only add nutrients when I thought they were showing signs of needing them. On the plant that is lime green and started flowering early, I was doing research and thought it looked like it had a nitrogen deficiency so I added some coffee grounds to the topsoil, and the other plant had signs of a potassium deficiency so I made a banana tea and added it to both plants. Now I am almost two months in and adding these nutrients didn’t do anything for this plant the majority of the fan leaves are turning yellowish and some of them have dark brownish spots on them.

Here’s the messed up plant before trimming the fan leaves.

Here’s the other plant that I did the exact same things to.


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PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
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Continuing the discussion from New Grower, questioning what deficiency is happening:

What strain: Granddaddy Purple. Seed bank: ILGM
Method: Fox Farm soil Ocean Forest
Vessels: Pots
PH of Water: Tried to keep around 6.5 - 7, Solution: Used lemon juice to lower pH and added water to neutralize.
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: I need to get a reader
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor, Mars hydro 2x2 tent
Light system: TS 600 Light on 18/6 cycle
Temps; 21-25 C
Humidity; Veg: ~70%, Flower: ~50%
Ventilation system; Yes, duct size = 4 in
Humidifier: little one
Co2; No
Thanks for the support, I wasn’t really too sure what was important to add in my first post.
Here are some better pics of some of the bad fan leaves from the lime green plant.

Ok so your light is actually 100w (calculated by power drawn from the wall). You might want to invest in good pH up and down solutions.

What you may be seeing is a nutrient lockout from having excessive salts or pH swing in the soil. It makes a plant act like it has an upset stomach at dinner time… The food is there but the plant doesn’t feel like eating.

It’s a little bit extra hard for me because I’m outside in the sun today and can’t see the picture perfectly.

Also looks like she could use CalMag. I use a pre made solution. Epsom salts work for the magnesium. Dried powdered egg shells can work for calcium.


I would second a ph issue.

The nutrients in that medium are depleted. Autos will flower generally between week 4-6 of veg after a 14 day seedling period. Agree with @Underthestairs and recommend a PH and TDS pen, it’s a crap shoot without knowing input PH and PPMs and testing those 2 in the run off :love_you_gesture:


Alright I just ordered a pH/TDS pen and I’m gonna get some eggs and Epsom salts later, what pH/ppm should I be shooting for to help them recover?

You’ll want to run several gallons of water (traditionally 3x the pot size) pH to 6.5 till your runoff is at least 6.0. if the PPMs are below 1000 at that point you’ll want to supplement in some feed. I use very specific nutrients (Jack’s 321) for low cost and simplicity. So you’ll need to do some googling or searching around here to find what amount of ingredients for teas and such.

@Borderryan22 you’re one of the few I know that we’re playing with nute teas. Any insight here?


Thanks for the tag. I honestly only made a couple of teas. I got a little overwhelmed between molasses and liquid seaweed and compost, or worm castings and the plethora of stuff that can be involved. I know @Aussie_autos is all about teas. Sorry I can’t be of much help.


Thanks for jumping in buddy

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Who wants to know a tea recipe and what stage of growth are we talking about here is ur plant in vegg or flower cause i have a tea for both let me know which tea recipe tou want and i will give it to u

Here is a nutrient tea for veg stage get ur self a pillow case or mesh bag now you want to have these ingredients worm castings, organic compost,kelp meal or seaweed liquid and molasses .
Now this is how you make it .

  1. fill a five gallon bucket with water let it bubble for one day to get rid of chlorine
  2. now that ur water has been bubbling away for one day its time to make the tea
  3. put two cups of worm castings and two cups of compost into ur pillow case or mesh bag and if u are using kelp meal put two cups into the bag aswell
  4. if u dont have kelp meal and u have seaweed liquid you want to put two tablespoons of seaweed liquid into the water and also put two tablespoons of molasses aswell mix those two ingredients in the water stir it until mixed now place ur pillow case or mesh bag into the bucket using a peg to hold it to the side of the bucket brew this for 24-30 hours when done brewing check ur ph if ur ph is in range water ur plants no need to water it down but if ur ph isnt in range make sure to ph before use .i have a banana tea recipe aswell if you want it let me know if you do
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