New Grower Question on Nutrients and Happy Frog Soil

Starting White Widow auto flower and am going to be growing in Happy Frog soil. I’ve read that Happy Frog soil does not need additional nutrients until flowering. I bought Bergman’s plant food and am wondering if I just ignore the first two stages and only use the Flowering fertilizer at the appropriate time. Thanks in advance.

Happy frog is great to start in. I would wait a minimum of three weeks or untill the cotyledons turn yellow. Good luck

Happy Frog is good as said for 3 to 4 weeks if your growing autos you would then go to flower nutes if photos stick with veg nutes until about a week after flip

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I started gorilla glue auto in happy frog then transplanted into ocean forest. Ocean forest has more nutrients, too much for seedlings. I also used fox farm fertilizers a month after sprouting and all my plants seem to like their stuff.


Thanks for the replies! I’m seriously looking forward to a successful grow. I’ll skip the nutrients until flowering begins.

It wouldn’t hurt to add CalMag after the first couple weeks to stay ahead of it.

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