New Grower problems!

Hey everyone I’m new at growing and I have started 2 plants both pretty young I just got the fox farm trio and I haven’t gave them anything but water yet because I’m not sure how to do the conversion. There both in small containers so I dont use a gallon of water when i water them… so a little confused on that part. Something is wrong I think do they look ok??
Anything will be helpful thanks!!

Please do not feed them nutes yet

Way too young

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@Lacewing thank you do they look ok??

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Yes they look fine …just need to let them grow …the seed it was in provides enough nutrients for a while
Just saying at that small it doesn’t need a bunch of nutes yet …soon it will tho

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Thank you… how big would you consider to start with the nutes

Also the chart and measurements are to a Gallon
They don’t tell ypu to give the plant the entire gallon lol …they only need a little water at that age

I just watered mine for the first 2 weeks and then started feeding them. They supposedly
only take in water through their leaves until about this time. Keep your humidity up to around 70%. I would just water them a little bit when they are dry.


I may not be the best person to ask because I’m an outdoor newb grower

I let the plant tell me when it wants nutes when they are first growing

This one was screaming for nutes and Inwas ignoring

This one was never fed nutes until this point
Should have starred earlier
Here she is today


Yes but its not too late…very nice , you might need some stakes

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At that age they only need like an ounce of water every couple of days. If their soil isn’t dry, wait til it is. Do your containers have holes in the bottom to help drain and air flow? Let them dry up just a little.

I didn’t notice your medium, but if you’re in FF Ocean Floor soil, put your nutes on the shelf for a month. Then when you do start, start at half strength. There is enough in the bottles that you can mix a gallon and just use half of it until you get your measurements down.

And make your light isn’t too close/too far. I had to give up on my indoor because mine got too tall, but making sure your light isn’t burning her up or making her stretch too much is pretty important.

I’m pretty darn fresh, too, but you’ve got some good people steering you right here, and more will chime in. I don’t have a copy, but someone will have a support ticket you can copy and fill out then paste. Good luck with your grow!!!

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