New grower, oddly shaped space, questioning my lighting choice


I partitioned off a small area in a walk-in closet for one plant, and if you can get any white vinyl (I had a small roll from who knows where) or a tarp instead of the flimsy mylar for the jars, it would hold up better to frequent access. But just to hang on the cement walls, you can get a 10-pack of space-blankets cheap. But I would still paint the cement, and if you do that , might as well paint it white, and if you do that, the mylar might be overkill.


New idea that might work. I just had to pull the shelf liner out of a drawer…

The cheap, available everywhere, white, vinyl, shelf liner.

But if you want to go all out, they make smoke curtains that are sturdy like a quilted tarp, and have reflective material.


You reminded me, I have space blankets. There’s a bunch in my truck for emergencies. Had forgotten about them, haven’t had to pull anybody out of a snowbank for awhile, haha


Ma neither! It doesn’t snow here LOL


… I’d leave them where they belong. This weekend’s cool weather is a reminder that winter will be here soon enough. You don’t want to hang these in your basement with the thought of replacing them, and then not get around to replacing them. But, those are certainly reflective enough, and could do the trick! You could buy a few more for the basement! :slightly_smiling_face:


Dude, they’re $9.99/dozen on amazon. That was my point. I had plenty of spares when Hussein finally got voted out LOL I’ve been trying the survivalist meals every now and then to see if they were worth the investment :slight_smile:


Not to get all political on ya, @Whodat66, (especially on @fullvermonty’s thread) but the 44th president was not “voted out”. He was termed out. Only the future will tell if the same will be said of the 45th.

'Glad you have left over space blankets to use for your grows, and MREs for when you get the munchies!


Pardon me, his agenda then. And I apologize for the political bent. When an ex-prez inserts himself into the midterms, he opens the discussion.

edited: doesn’t mean it needs to be here, so for that I apologize.


The new guy appointed “good people don’t smoke marijuana” Jeff Sessions, the one who will not take weed off the Schedule 1 list. That alone should disqualify him from any support from this board!

In any case, I think I have about 20 space blankets in the truck. If I take out 10 I’ll still have plenty for pull-tourists-out-of-snowbanks season.


If you run across more than 10 flatlanders off the road this winter, something has either gone seriously haywire, or some of them will just need to fend for themselves. That sounds fair to me. Hang those suckers in the basement, and reflect that light!

(Watch me be that poor sucker in a ditch this winter. 'T’wd serve me right.)


Haha, my house is about 5 minutes from a major ski resort with tons of tourist traffic - there have been times when I’ve pulled more than 10 in a single day.

And I am not a tow-truck driver. Just got a big truck with aggressive snow tires, and the gear to make it useful.

But, most of the folks in the ditches have ski clothes, so they don’t need blankets. It’s all good.

If you ever find yourself off the road in southern Vermont, you know who to call :smiley:


Same story, 20 minutes from a ski resort.


I’m also 20 minutes away… more like 30 in winter though, really… and I’m often heading up the road to ski myself. 'Spent a dozen years teaching, but now just do it for fun. :laughing:


It’s Vt. We’re all 20-30minutes away from a ski resort.


Yup, hard to be too far from a slidey place. I don’t do two sticks, more a one planker myself, but that’s usually when I find the snowbank people - trying to haul my fat butt to the mountain for first chair on a pow day.


wave Another VT’er here! I have a couple baby GC plants in my basement. My first grow and I am super impatient lol.


Patience is important with growing cannabis. Nothing ever happens quickly.

I just finished harvesting one outdoor plant and I’m hoping to get the other tomorrow if this typhoon lets up.