New Grower , Not Incompetant

As stated in the title, i am new to the growing community . i have a very simple set up , for ONE plant, i am currently growing in my closet , i see a lot of posts for new growings asking a ton a questions or worried about their plants. i plan to ask a ton of questions but i feel as if i’m having minimal problems with mine , I just wanted to know when i can start LST my seedling . how many sets of leaves ? as of right now this is a random seed , i have ordered feminized ones coming in the mail, this was to try my luck

I’m using a 45w LED growstar , with full color spectrum for veg and flowering . and my closet space isn’t huge but i have no reflective material up. and i don’t know if the light is being utilized to its full potential . i Only have one plant . that’s all i plan to grow at once too . Maybe bump it up to 2 or 3 eventually but , that will be after my first grow

I ALSO started out using MG organic , and my seedling looks very healthy to me but i have read it is not used for the entire life span of the plant . i heard FFOF is good mainly to use the entire time . i have my seedling in a pot bigger than a solo cup i’d say it’s medium/small, how do i transplant my plant to FFOF.

First off welcome to the forum
Ask any questions you may have we will all help out when possible no question is stupid and you’ll always be trested with respect
Please read forum policies as well since your a new member we like to ask that you do so
As far as your question goes you can stary lst training fairly early but would wait ti i had 4-5 sets of true fan leaves myself
Just start training slowly and adjust as needed
You can take seedling out of small pot gently if in cup just slip the sides and place in center of fresh pot and soil
Water in gently place a empty soli cup in new pot as you fill with soil and this will be about the same size youll ness for seedling
Happy growing and again welcome to the forum
If you need to ou can tag me by placing the @ symbol directly infrimtbof my usee name as i did with yours @HaydenHop


@Countryboyjvd1971 can you check my recently added sentences to the post about soil ? . and can i start when the fourth starts ? can you show me an example because it gets confusing how they grow their leaves

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Fan leaves as in the jagged leaves, or the infamous marijuana leaves ? @Countryboyjvd1971


Yes @HaydenHop im at work on my phone ill look to see if i have any good pics now but may need to wait a bit but yes you start with two rounds leave the feed the plant then the first setbof leaves will only have one finger
Yhe next set will have three fingers/blades usually
Start counting from that set
In fortunately I deleted all my pictures on phone so i dont have and seedling pics for you right now
Let me tag @bob31 he usually has good visual aids

Ahhh i see , @Countryboyjvd1971 as of right now then, i have one set one one fingers ,one set of 3 fingers , and another set is starting in the middle of those . i think ill
probably try to start mid to end of next week

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Sorry John I’m out of the house all my pics are on laptop @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah so i would say you have one set of true leaves dont count the feeder leaves or single set
@HaydenHop the first two weeks or so they grow slow above soil and but will start to take off
start your training after you transplant and give plant one week to recover from transplanting before you start training
I transferred mine to laptop as well and deleted on phone @bob31 but i think he gets it now lol


She stretched alot but she is about where you wanna be
Welcome to the community
Your in good hands here


Questions about these pics tho @Countryboyjvd1971 the first two specifically @Growit @bob31


Sorry for the delayed response , i could reply for 24 hrs. wondering what the two small pieces growin off the stem in the first pics are. also , my plant has a soft but still noticeable scent of weed when you smell it . is that normal ?

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Everything looks fine! Every node is a potential branch and the spikes are normal. I would let it grow 2 or 3 more nodes before topping.

Happy and healthy!

Very healthy looking your on the right track
Lookin good @HaydenHop

Thanks guys ! @Growit @Myfriendis410 Was a little nervous this being my first grow ! appreciate the feedback. any tips for transporting this plant in the cold ? i move today and i’m moving it first before anything else so it doesn’t have to be in the car long … it’s cold here about 30 degrees fahrenheit

i know i should heat my car up first . can i put it in a book bag to protect from cold

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You can put her in a box or bucket with a lid you should be ok just make sure she dont fall over or get smooshed in transport

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Or book bag anything really just dont let her fall over or get smooshed

Update . the third set of leaves to me are coming in nicely . anything ab normal ? sorry i just took this really fast , no other angles . i transported her to my new house successfully too @Growit @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


Looking great :+1:
She looks happy and healthy to me


question my cousin said this morning the leaves on the top of the first two feeders are starting to get a little yellow . 2 a day ago i watered them with water that my cousin said prolly wasn’t too good a idea to use cause there was a break in the line . it was cloudy idk why i did it . could this be the cause. what do i do