New grower no pistols

I am first time grower. I have a girl 3 weeks I to flower and it has stopped growing and the white hairs have disappeared. Growing in fox farm and using Humboldt nutrients. 12/12 light. 600w led, and 420 hydro light about 18 inch from canopy. Could someone know what is happening here. Smell is really piney and not showing trich

Pictures really would help in this case. Double check your timer, another post had issue with the timer just 5 mins ago.

I can’t figure bbn out how to

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I hate to tell you but it’s a dude. Well, a little bit of both.


3 weeks in with brown pistols could have been pollinated. Check for seeds by squeezing

I only have 1 plant and supposed to have been demonized. Thx for the help. Now is there anything that can be done

Ride it out until chopping, or start over.

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Atleast ride the seeds out, big seed stash always come in handy for moments just like this.


How did I turn Male? Was a female for sure. Will it still produce anything smokable. I got alot of time and money in it. Should I toss the other beans I have

Sometimes they hermaphrodite if the genetics aren’t stable.
I would drop another if you can.

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My plan was if this 1 went good I got space and lighting for 20. Now would a situation like this destroy a whole crop

Freudian slip.


Unsure what that means

Not really “destroy”, but the hermi will produce less bud of lower potency and could pollinate all your other girls which would affect their yield and potency. And any seeds that result will have a higher than normal chance of turning hermi also.

I decided to yank it. I am gonna start a couple more. Now my question is … will my grow space be contaminated or is it safe to start again. As far as to not accedently pollinate future plants

Wouldn’t hurt to give it a good cleaning with something that has a little bleach.

IMO i would wash the whole tent down with peroxide mixed with water in a spray bottle


I want to thank all for the help. I think the grow was a success for learning perposes so not complete loss. I did notice as I was yanking her out the lower buds did have white hairs. At the least I got my grow space dialed in for future yeild