New grower needs help


so I am getting my personal production permit and I will be allowed 3 mature plants I would like to do a soil grow in a tent with full spectrum led lighting so what I need help with would be what size tent and lights just the beginners shopping list also I live pay check to pay check so getting things a little at a time any helpfull info would be awesome
thank you


First off,
Welcome to ILGM and the forum. We have a great little community here full of growers from all ranges of life. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need in this forum to grow a bountiful harvest.

Now, about your questions! I can’t really answer them, until you answer a few questions for me first haha. Just things like, if you want to use LED, do you have a price budget, because just your lights will cost the most out of any other growing tool you’ll need. You can find some cheaper ones that are still quality lighting, but be careful and make sure to do your research on the lights and the company before you do buy anything. Next, where will you be growing? Meaning, how big is the grow room you’ll be using? Is it a closet, a full room, a bathroom? Based on this, I can recommend a tent for you. It says you can grow 3 mature plants, correct? But what exactly does that mean? Could you elaborate? Because I’m sure there’s a bunch of loop holes for you to work around. 3 mature plants can fit in a 3’x3’ tent, but what about when they flower? Do you want to have seedlings sprouting while you have plants flowering? If so, you may want to get a split tent, with two separate sides to work with, so you can have a veg side and a flower side. You’ll have to think about things like smell, heat, cold, humidity, and bugs. Do you need to vent your tent of smell, or heat? Then you’d need an inline fan/duct fan, possibly a carbon filter. Is it too humid? You’d need a dehumidifier. You need good soil, and good nutrients. A good pH pen, TDS/ec pen, hygrometers, timers, etc. These are all things to keep in mind and not over look. If you get it all set up correctly from the beginning, you’ll be much happier in the end. If you don’t have a budget than will allow you to just buy everything right away, go peice by peice in order of what you need the most.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a grow, and I’d love to give you all the information possible before you get rolling, just in case you run into something you weren’t previously thinking about. It’s why I love this forum so much, everyone will always help you out, you just have to ask and be respectful. The guys are great on here, and I hope my advice can help you in one way or another.


Good advise @ktreez420, I’ll get the link for lights and tents


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This link is to a 3x3 grow tent, you can look at other grow tents and grow boxes, I’m sure you can find one cheaper than $330


I would first download the grow bible and get a good idea of the whole process so you can understand the things you need.

Tents can be seen from $45 to 350 on just search grow tents. Soil is something folks often over think or just ignore the importance of. On both ends of that spectrum you can disappoint yourself. Look for a good soil you don’t have to mess with like an Ocean Farm Happy Frog.

Lights for three plants with a decent yield hope would probably need to cover 3’ x3’ minimum but I would do 4x4 personally. That’s one 600 watt hid or two Mars 300 LEDs from my experience, which is limited.

Then you need pots and possibly heat exhaust and fans.

I have seen nice grows with under a hundred dollars in equipment but more often a basic setup seems to be around $300-$500 for a decent basic yield. The way I did it on my fixed income was to buy the first light for about $80 and the pots and soil then put the next round of money together while my seeds were sprouting and add another piece every month til I now have a tent, two LEDs and a 600 w hid pots for every phase and all I need is seeds and new soil each round.



I iwould also Like to Welcome you to ILGM. As you can see there coming out in force to help you out :grinning:
Now starting up a grow isn’t cheap by any standards But with all the knowledge in this forum.
The boys here will have you up in running in no time.

This is the link to to " The Grow Bible " its free and very informative





This should help you to get started and I’m sure there will be more.

B Safe




I iwould also Like to Welcome you to ILGM. As you can see there coming out in force to help you out :grinning:
Now starting up a grow isn’t cheap by any standards But with all the knowledge in this forum.
The boys here will have you up in running in no time.

This is the link to to " The Grow Bible " its free and very informative




And don’t forget to have fun! Lol I’m limited in funds too took me awhile scrambling equip. Like said above get decent soil like fox farm happy frog. I’m using ocean forest now. Last time I skimped but 1.5 cubic foot bag was less than twenty. I spent 40 on a cheap led and then $15 on cfls from store plus connectors and sockets to plug cfls in So pushing $70 on insufficient light and should have bought a $200 light. So I guess I’m saying don’t get overwhelmed with the supply list just research a good light and put it in decent soil the rest will fall in to place fox farm soil. 3gal buckets, tubs, reusable grocery bags and a good light If you are allowed to grow you can maybe even wait in tent. Or make your own. Research and what not and could get going for like $200? Like I say before my wife goes like :roll_eyes: Life’s a garden man. Dig it?


ok so I am on a budget but don’t plan on starting till march and I will most likely be buying a few things at at time I will be growing in my room are in my house some where my land lords are cool they know what I want to do so smell is not a huge issue as of for what i will be allowed to grow can have 3 ready to harvest plants at any given time and 12 seedlings i want decent lights and will have time to save or get as soon as i can and by march i am hoping to get most of what i need for around 1.500.00 or less would be better so i should have at least 12x20 area to use and would like to try and keep plants in rotation for a few harvest i will more then likely need to put some kind of heating and cooling system in the room on a thermostat or something but for the most part is stays in the 78 range and have low humidity usely in 28 to 50 % range ants are kinda a problem but I have taken care of that lol I thank every one for the info you have shared its been helpful so far lol keep it coming I love new info if there are any more info you need from me I will give it to you the best I can thank you


You know… With that kind of room and budget you may want to look into Bergman’s Lab. I say that because you have time and you may end up spending less than you think by getting step by step help thru the grow process.


thanks yeah I need to look in to that


Hey. Is that Joe is like a garden Dig it…lol



lol yeah I think so lol some one posted it thought is funny lol