New grower needs help!

Hi All
I was given a couple of plant that I put in some potting soil and into pots which sit in my garden. 1 seems to be flourishing but the other is having a bit of a problem.

It is also smaller despite being in the same environment.

Unfortunately I dont know what they are. They are getting weak nutrients from a tomato feed which is about 6/6/6 but only half the amount it says and they get watered about once a week or when I can put my finger in and the soil feels dry.
When I water them, water does come out the bottom of the pots so drainage is ok and in fact there are roots starting to come out of the holes in the bottom of the pots. Obviously didnt put them in big enough ones to start with.

I wipe the leaves about once a week with water to make sure I keep as many bad bugs away and they get about 16 hours of daylight at the moment. Im in the UK and so we dont get a lot of sun!

I know its not much to go on but what started out as “yeah man sounds like fun Ill take some” seems to have become a bit more than chuck them in the ground and wait!

Any help and advice will be most appreciated


My immediate questions is do you know the pH and nutrient build up in the soil? This can be monitored by measuring the drainage that comes out the bottom for pH and EC/TDS. Or you can measure the soil with these tools as discussed in Robert’s blog here:

And you can find great deals on these measuring tools here:

TDS meter:

pH meter:®-Accuracy-Approved-Measurement-Resolution/dp/B00FJFEB2O/?tag=greenrel-20

Also, the root bound situation can cause a “nutrient deficiency” appearance in the leaves, as well as a pH that is out of range, or a nutrient salt toxicity build up.

Happy growing and hope this helps,


Brilliant. Thanks. Will I cause the plant lots of stress if I repot them?

Probably not any more stress than they are experiencing now. Be careful with the root mass, of course.

Awsome. Ill let you know. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hey guys, just checking in to see if you needed my input. :slight_smile: Looks like you are all good. Happy Growing

I have moved them into 5 gal pots now so fingers crossed. The edges of the leaves are curling a bit so I am guessing that they were a bit root bound. There was certainly lots of roots when I moved them so hopefully it will sort itself out over the next week or so but I will keep you updated :smile:

I have a few questions I hope you can help…
What strain is best to use to level out an A-mt trip?
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Happy growing guys…

What is a a-mt? I have never heard of that?

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