New grower needs diagnosis. See pics

New grower was given a 12" plant about two weeks ago. I soaked it on that day and have not watered since then. The reason for not watering is I suspect it is over watered. Moisture meter still shows wet ( but only in some places ). The leaves are drooping. I cut off 2 or 3 near the bottom that were curled and starting to spot. The plant seems as if it has not got better or worse. It’s like in limbo. I cannot tell if it growing or what. My plan is to wait for it to droop some more, postively indicating that it needs water.
Any advice will be appreciated.

@TPerk100 if the pot has a way for water to escape and not build up at the bottom then she will recover from overwater after a few days…the top looks good so maybe she is already in recovery…the bottom leaves will never perk up again so trim them off once you see she has recovered…


Hey @TPerk100 I have a couple questions a out your grow.
Is the window your only light source?
What is your medium consist of?
What size is your pot?
What are you using to fertilize your plant?
Are you moving this to outdoors?
Do you have access to a larger pot?

Watering every two weeks sounds?? Dropping leaves means your plant needs water.

I’d repot that baby and drench with some fresh pH’d water at 6 pH. Wait 3-4 days for recovery and post new pictures here.

Your need some strong light for a cannabis plant.

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The plant gets 6-8 hrs good sun. I move it from the inside window to the the deck daily, except when raining.
I don’t know the medium but this came from an experienced grower (who is no longer available to consult with).

Pot size? Don’t know but becuase you asked I looked at the bottom, and discovered nice white roots growing out of drain holes. Good news I guess. Am planning on repotting it tomorrow into one of these, with my tomatoes. It will stay on the deck.
GrowBox Will be using Bush Doctor Coco Loco.

When I watered it two weeks ago I used Foxfarm Root Drench.

I think plant looks a little healthier now that last week, but hard to tell. Still have those spots on leaves in first pic. No leaves have dropped. if you mean droop, then yes, but not from under watering. It started drooping when I soaked it.

Any idea of what species / strain this is?
Thanks much.

Can’t tell by looks a strain. Your plant is in flower and I personally wouldn’t repot it now, it’s to late.
The only way to help with the spots would be to test your water pH/ppm in and out then reports back with those numbers.
Reevaluate your watering practices because that’s not good

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Really can’t tell strain but just keep it in a sunny :sunglasses: location until you can move to outside. I think your doing the right things but need more bright light for cannabis.

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In flower. Did not realize that. How tall with this plant get?

Not a whole lot now. Your in flower because the daylight hours are not long enough to rely solely on the sun. You could re-veg it when we do get more light hours but that’s gonna take a good while and I wouldn’t recommend that for a new grower.

What is re-veg?

You’re in flower getting 8-9 hrs of light a day. If you re-pot and put it outdoor daily until we get light from 5:30am-9:30pm sunrise to dusk. It will go back to a veg and leave flower. This process takes a long time and the plant will grow strange leaves and act strange during that stage. It will also stunt growth during that period of turning back. Marijuana grows on light hours it determines flower with season. Under lights we can manipulate that.


So what would you do at his point? My tendency is to re-pot tommorow into aforementioned GrowBox, and let nature take its course.


Sure you could do that. Just keep in mind once we get more light hours your gonna see it acting extremely weird. It will probably need all the extra attention you can give it. I would suggest you re-pot in a fabric bag to help avoid the watering issues, this includes from rain.Come Oct you’ll have some bud.
Read as much as you can on re-veg of marijuana so you know how to deal with it when the time comes.
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@TPerk100 2 weeks without water is at least 9-10 days too long imo. Moisture meter is simply stick your finger in the soil. Poor girls being tortured.

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Whoaaa. I didn’t even see that… should be watering every 3-4 days.
The reason it was droopy is because you over watered… and now it’s droopy from under watering…


Thanks all for your help. Have a plan together now.

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