New grower needs assistance

I’m currently starting week 7 since the light change. I I started the flower stage with a new Mars hydro kit. At first them temp/humidity was a bit higher than the cabinet in the garage. So possibly after bit of light burn & heat stress Everything was good till a few days ago. Now the taco’ing & leaf color has me a bit worried.

•photo bag seed
• 2x4 tent with sp3000.
•root spa 5gallon bucket w/ added air stone & clay pebbles.
•lotus nutes.
•Humidity 45/55
•Temp 65-75 , water temp stays around 71
• ph 5.8-6.1


What kind of soil? How often do you feed and water ? Do you water to runoff?

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Welcome to the community ! also posted a picture of the whole plant let’s take a look.

It’s dwc. Feed Twice a week roughly 30% of recommendation

I’m curious as to what causes that (“tacoing” as you put it). My second ww auto is about 3 weeks old and it is starting that as well. Great. Question. I’ll check back to see what response you get. Keep it up. We will get where we want to be eventually.

Possible cause of yellow is buds vampiring the leaves. Curling not sure what without seeing the plant from a little bit out. My leaves will yellow on some plants early. Some almost not at all. Just my thoughts. That 300w light is also a monster in that 2x4 reflecting. What are you dialed in at? 300w prob 80% at 24? I run 2 100w qboards in my 2x4 and can just fry them 100% at 18. I dial back to 90. Just what works for me.

  1. Are you in soil? If so, ph in is low, the sweet spot is 6.5

  2. Taco’ing is usually caused by light, heat, humidity or both. So how strong are your lights and how close to the top of the canopy? You said you had issues with heat a few days ago… it is possible that the effects are just now showing up

#) Possible nutrient issue? Leaves that are affected that start at the top are "Immobile Nutrients, starting at the bottom is Mobile nutrients.

Immobile nutrient deficiency is fairly uncommon but I do like to add a micro builder (I use Peruvian Gold Micro Builder)…

What I would do if it were me is first do a soil slurry test (video below).

I would dial down your lights to about 70% and raise them so they are no closer than 23" to the top of the canopy. Also this is a new light for the flower period so I’m taking a good guess that it might be light/heat

When you get the slurry test back, let us know what the conclusion is.

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