New Grower Needing Advice

Hi, I have a tent 60x60x80 with a 600watt hps bulb. I"m in the process of making the sure the temperature and humidity are in or near the sweet spot. Right now its the temp is ranging from 77-88 degrees but mainly stays in the higher degree when the light is on and humidity at a 38%. Now from what i’ve been reading i want to be near 75 degrees? if so what ways can i help reduce the temperature before i start growing. Or are that temperature ok? Also i understand that humidity is very important as well. I will be buying a new humidifier this week but before i buy it what do you recommend?

Also, i will be uploading pics soon. :slight_smile:

Go cool mist humidifier it will help temps and humidity

Hey MVP, I use a fan that blows between the plant tops and the lights. Between that and having the house air on 73 and freezing to death! My temps in the room are around 73 or 74 and 77 at plant tops. Good luck, Mike

I would use an inline fan to either move the air out or cool the HPS .

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You guys are !@#$ing awesome :vulcan: So this is what i did, I found a decent cool mist humidifier (vicks) that keeps the humidity at 40-45%. Temperature wise became better since i put the a/c in the same room and once i got it in i jacked it all the way up so it keeps this bad boy at a decent 75F to 80F. I do have a inline vent connected to the thingy that helps the smell out(brain fart on what its called) with two big holes open.

Now I do have a few questions i believe you guys can answer :imp:

  1. I choose OG to pop my cherry :cherries: and i noticed how different lighting colors can help your plant. So, is there a color that would do that?

  2. The name brand for my light system is APOLLO and my question is about the dimming option with. How much can that affect my grow? I have it on 50 now because of the temperature and it helps it stay at a good lvl.

  3. What is the best soil to start with? And is there a type of soil i can use for the whole grow?

Once again thanks for the help guys, i will most likely ask more questions through this epic experience of mine. There should be pic with this post. They might not be the best but youll get an idea. lmk what you guys think.

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Okay questions I have ?

Cool, what are they?

I saw your pics, very nice. I had similar issues and bought a cool mist humidifier about a year ago. I found it to be a bother since you have to refill it once a day. I’ve been battling low humidity and temperature fluctuations all year last year until I reread parts of my journal. I found a design on you tube to fix everything! I had to redesign my grow room using 6 inch HVAC duct instead of 4 and bought 2 440CFM fans one to pull cooler air from my laundry room next door and the other at the opposite end running thru the wall to my garage vented to an air scrubber. The key was pulling and moving air constantly. My humidity level is about 50% now and average room temperature is in the high 70’s. What a huge difference! I have two 6 foot big bud plants that are certainly enjoying it! In addition, I use Foxfarm Ocean Forest organic soil. It’s by far one of the best growing medium out there! It has all the nutrients you need plus having Roberts assortment of Marijuana booster is also key.


Yup high temps is a final yield killer .

:open_mouth: That’s great idea wilmac! Thanks man, i’ll lyk how it works out when my fan come in. :v:

Thanks for the heads up :pray:

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How’s the grow going?