New grower. Need some help

These are pica of my seedlings now u seen the pics i took yesterday well i took these today

They have doubled in size since yesterday and they are only four days old

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How do you remove them and repot?

I take the cup out of the hole and cut it down the sides and drop the the plant into the hole

Kool. Do you run into any overwatering problems?

I am always looking at different ways to get plants to survive.

No ive never had any problems with that.i cant wait to see how these turn out specially with them growing so fast.this is wat i feeding my seedlings

I make a ten ltr bucket of water ph to 6.5 and i add 2.5 mls of this

How do you judge root development or do you go by plant width? I am asking a lot of questions so I can understand. Do you pull the solo up to see?

I wait until the leaves are over the edge of the solo about 2-4 cms over the edge or i wait until its has two nodes or three nodes

Never heard of that product. Do you worry about pH creep over time by making a large batch?

I always mix worm castings in my soil for my cups aswell and i mix mycorrhizal in the soil i know people say you shouldnt feed seedlings any nutrients but u can see for ur self how it works

Ph stays the same over a five day period cause om using the water to water the clover i have in my pots aswell

If your feed water has a stable pH for five days that is amazing. Do you keep it covered from outside air?

Yah o have a lid on my bucket and it has air pump goin aswell

I dont feed mine due to the fact that i use soil that has it in it already

But after 3rd week i start feeding

I have worm castings in my soil thats in the cup but i still feed my seedlings a small amount of at a time. Tell u the truth i feed as soon as they pop up our of the soil. Some would say im the unconventional grower i dont do the things other people do i do the things that people are to worried to do

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I get that i amend my soil so i only feed every 3 weeks i dont use any liquid beside water and teas but i know alot of people that start off feeding there plant after thr fist set of true leaves i just dont have to cause its already in my soil but hey thats a cool way to keep your plants from falling over never would had thought of it

My pots are all amended with organic nutrients and i have live worms in there aswell so when i transplant my seedlings i will just use plain water and thats it or i mite use some molasses aswell

Have u seen my last grow

No can you tag me in it id like to read it

Thats the thing i didnt do a journal i do have pics