New grower. Need some help

How’s it going y’all. I have two plants. Mango Crack Feminized. The bigger one is 10 days old and the younger one is 5 days old. I’m noticing a difference in colors between the two. Sophia (the eldest) has some yellowing starting and the leaves are curling up slightly. Barbara ( the youngest) is more green but her leaves are rough? Looking. Any help would be appreciated. Processing: B99812EB-E3FF-46FB-8DF6-B7A5AD40EFE1.jpeg…
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Plants look fine. I’m a less is more type of grower. I feed at half strength and use a flood and drought method of watering. The only thing I need more of is lighting.


Ok cool thank you. I’m using bat guano for nutes. Top dressing the soil. I have some coca fiber as well. Can I mix them for better growth?

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I mix my own soil.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

This is good for seedlings and rooted clones for about a month.

I use Happy frog dry amendments at half strength. I amend the soil at transplant and top dress every month until harvest.


I did 1part coca 3 parts soil. Watering with Epsom salts and a 3-2-4 liquid nutrient. 15ml per gallon. (1teaspon/gal). I have a little bat guano in the soil.

Welcome to the community ! Seedlings look fine.

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That curling around the edges isn’t concerning?

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The frist set of leafs has a little curl but the new growth looks fine.

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I recommend going to your nutrient manufacturer’s website and use the nutrients and timing they recommend.

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I use foxfarn happy frog mixed with coco perlite casting and all my amendments are dr. Earth i feed 1once every 3 weeks 2 tablespoons per gallon of medium and water with compost teas on the days i amend my soil to help with the micros and the breaking down of my plants soil i dont have to us cal mags nothing i only water when dry and teas every three weeks but i dont put any food in soil till the seedlings is at least 3weeks old cause there food in the soil already. Need any help just tag me in your post and ill be here to help when i see it it you want i can also tag you into my current grow.


Honestly you have nothing to worry about i didnt see anything wrong with them .i have a couple of seedlings aswell mine are three days old

Ive got them in a mix of reused coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix with worm castings and i have mine in solo cups

Cool man I’d appreciate it. I did notice a little more yellowing on the newer leaves this morning. I over watered I think. My soil has good drainage. I’m using the Mother Earth soil and coca fiber. 3-1 ratio. It drains well. Could I drill a couple small holes on the sides near the bottom for more air flow?

Are you in a fabric pot if so no you dont need any more holes most new growers always over water seedlings in a big pot but i water my seedlings every 3 days if i start them in there finial pot but in solo cups i use clear cups inside of red cups so i can see when to water. But new growth always start off yellow then turn green at this stage your in all you really have to worry about is light and waterings

Your babies look awesome. Whats the cup for in the soil? Is the botton cut out or just a easier way to transplant im asking cause ive seen others with cups in dirt and wanted to ask but never got around to it.

Welcome to the Community. :+1:

I just put them in there so they dont tip over

This is what im feeding my seedlings

Get online and look up Nimbin nutrients Australia