New grower, need some help

Do these look ready to harvest? Need help:)

@Greenbabies Pictures would be helpful.

Trying to figure how to attach pics

Can you get a picture in natural light? From what I can see you still have some time left. The pistils will suck into the flower. They are definitely frosty and that is good.

If you haven’t got a Jeweler loupe on Amazon for $10 or so, get one. The 60x magnification will give you a great view in how the trichomes are setting at.

Thoughts? About week 16

About week 16 from when? Plant breaking soil or flipping to 12/12. I’m assuming they are photos and not autos.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you need another 1 month to go. The pistils still have a white color to them. Unless I’m seeing things and I don’t have the best vision.

Thought I bought autos. 16 week from start

By the size of it, I’d guess auto. Here is what a Photo would be like at like 10 or more weeks above soil.


Week 16? From what point? I bring this up as it was a mistake I made in previous grows IE: I forgot to add in the "transition " time between cycles (seedling to veg and veg to flower) there is usually a transition time between these stages that I didn’t figure in to my age perceptions. The age (as I now know) isnt important, it’s the stage and color of the trics that is important not how many weeks it is.

Yeah. I’m at 16 week with ww and Ak47. Looks like yours but smaller size. U think about month left?

I highly recommend purchasing a Jeweler loupe. This takes the guess work right out the window. I’m just guessing on the time frame. I don’t grow Autos at all. Sure I have a truckload of Auto seeds, but I prefer monster plants.

But yeah, you need more time. Once the pistils start to basically suck into the flower, this is the start to check trichomes with said Jeweler Loupe. I can’t stress enough about having one.

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@MrPeat :heart_eyes:OMG mrpeat how big is that plant? Is it yours?

@Greenbabies, yes definitely get a jewlers loop. Look at the trikes
Clear, too young
Cloudy, at peak
Turning Amber, passing peak.
Each level produces a different smoking experience

You need to get a bit closer

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Thats leaf and a bit fuzzy but you need to get the little blobs so you can see if they are clear, cloudy or brownish. Ideally in the bud not the sugar leaves.

Lol, was an old pic am in bed, nice trichomes though :wink:

She is around 75” tall. Width I would say over 6 feet wide. She is hanging outside the tent. And yes, it is mine. :+1:

@Cannabian got closer :yum:

hard to focus though lol

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