New grower need low stress training sugestions

I have a 39 day old Crystal (photo) outside grow 5gallon soil trying to keep plant as short as possible. I’ve topped it and know i’m trying to LST it I don’t want to scrog incase I want to move plant. It’s monsoon season in central Florida we got 3" rain yesterday more today. Suggestions would be appreciated

If you’re 5gal containers have handles, you can softly bend the main stem over and tie it to the handle with string or something like that. I actually pulled the whole stem through the handle. If there are no handles then you can poke some holes on the side of the container at the top and tie it to them.

This is the plant

You can drill some holes on all sides of the bucket and use those green ties to tie all of the side shoots down exposing as much stem to light as possible.


suggest you consider some of the tomato plastic coated wire for tying n training.
around $6 Lowe’s Home Depot and garden centers.

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Right now I’m using pipe cleaners to tie down

I just started to form the top set of branches yesterday and I’m waiting for the next set to catch up but holes in the sides is a good thing

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I think I will tie down the other branches the lower branches need the light if I even keep them they aren’t very big I believe from lack of light

What I would do is drill holes around the sides of the bucket and then secure your branches there. I personally use cooking twine because it’s what I had lying around and was happy with how secure it held, but pipe cleaners should work fine also.

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Have you tried tying the main stem down ?

Plant is looking good . Gently tie down those 4 main branches you have and the centre will fill out and grow, as those inner branches stand up higher tie them down as well. It should form a nice compact plant with lots of bud sites.

You can easily make a portable scrog. Lots of us do it.