New grower. Need help identifying sex please!

Hey all, I’m currently in the process of my first grow in a 2x4 tent indoors two plants. I started around July 3rd and recently I noticed a few arms with what seems to be balls attached in different areas of the stem not to far from the node. I assumed that it was a male and got rid of it ( I hope I didn’t make a mistake!). My other plant looks similar but no balls quite yet. It does have some growth from the stem that doesn’t resemble balls. Can somebody help me out with identifying he sex? Thanks

This is the plant I removed

This is the 2nd plant

Growth on stems

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Ok cool. I was pretty sure about the 1st one I seen a few of those balls. I’ll keep a eye on the 2nd but that gave me some hope. I think I’ll be switching to 12/12 soon. Thanks!

I think it is too early to tell. You should switch them to 12/12 and start them flowering.

You should know for sure in a week because males will mature faster. Watch for clusters of balls to form. You have time to remove it if you keep an eye on it, I’d hate for you to destroy a good plant because of a little preflower bump.

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Yea I definitely don’t want to lose anything. Im going to switch them over tomorrow and watch close for the clusters. Thanks

Seconded I’m not seeing anything to say male or female on the second one. Maybe some clearer shots of the upper nodes would reveal something.

That’s what your looking for, the little thing next to the point little leaf.


Here are a few more pics they may give you a better visual.

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In that last picture that kinda looks like a male sac. I hope I’m wrong and you can’t tell yet. I’m thinking that because of the way it kinda looks like it’s growing out on a stick then gets fat. If it were female it would start fat and get skinnier as you move away from the plant.

I’m not convinced I’m looking at a sex organ though. Is that thing the same as the small growth on the other side of the stem? @Covertgrower what do you think, is that a sex organ in that bottom picture I’m beginning to fear we have the blind leading the blind in here.

Yea I would say it’s the same. Here is another branch with similar growth.

Looking malish, but not enough to be certain yet.