New grower, need assistance again

My second attempt …overwatered and over fed my very first four plants Grrrrrrrrrr…I know what I did wrong though so it WAS a learning experience. lol. no smoke though. Growing OG auto, using the fabric pot from I emailed their forum last week but have not heard back. Mixed their soil according to their directions, weighed it saturated-- 7.6lb (digital postal scale). I water when it gets below 6.1lb Use distilled water and about once a week 200ml tap water that has been setting for over a day. Using ILGM nutes but getting brown tips and leaves drying. In the guides it talks about better to err on the dry side. Im like week 4 flowering. The reason I contacted aP4P was what smelled like mold/mildew (white film) along the bottom of the outer pot. I washed it off, and keep a fan blowing on . Water 400-600ml mostly on the lower side. On 10/8 wt 5.84, watered 550ml pH6.5 EC 200,TDS 107. With a small fan pointed to bottom of pot and rotating pot every few hours, todays weight 5.1. so I watered again, thinking the fan is evaporating the moisture in the plant. She was :slightly_smiling_face: fed Flowertime on 10/5 but seem to be drying out since that time. Used .5gram/500ml pH6.1;EC 628, PPM 320. Im so close and after last time a bit scared Im going to over do it. Hints, Comments, suggestions Please?

I can’t believe no one has offered suggestions after 15 hours, but

  1. having the outside of fabric pots turning white is normal. It is the salts leaching through from the soil and drying on the surface of the pot. Eventually the roots will grow through the pot as well.

  2. your plant is stretched out too much, responding to lack of light. You need better lighting.


Looks like you may still be overwatering what size pots are you in?

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Thanks for the tips. :slightly_smiling_face: My lights were moved (a couple days before the pics) to 18in away from 10in due to the leaves browning and curling. Its an auto and my understanding 36 inches is normal. thats right where she is at.

its a 1 1/2 gal fabric/felt pot. I made a hole in the dirt to feel the soil down lower, and it feels barely damp. It sits on a towel which is never wet or damp.

The white film on the pots is normal, nothing to worry about. It comes from the salts in the nutrients. I agree with the above comment, seems like you may be over watering, and definitely needs more light. For the watering, let it start drooping before you water again. Marijuana evolved through droughts, and can much easier adapt to less water than more water. Also, your tds seem low, through flower I’m pushing 1000 to 1200 ppms. All that being said, looks like you may have enough time left to super crop, (breaking branches to even the canopy), and lowering the light to up the intensity. I would suggest a few improvements for your next grow, but for now you should be fine.

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I don’t weigh my pots, but I let them get dry before adding more water, like, really dry. My plants are drooping before I water or feed them again


You should be seeing runoff every time you water or feed. You don’t want that just sitting at the roots of the plant. You want airflow under the pots, I’d suggest risers or trays


thanks for tips! I have been using risers since I noticed the white stuff. Also Ive been keeping a fan blowing below the plant


I’ll do that with the next one. Appreciate your expertise!!

Believe me,.I’m no expert, but I had some great guidance from people here when I first started, so I like to help others when I can.
Honestly, growing is such a trial and error type of operation, sometimes what works for me, may not work for others. I always took everyone’s tips and tricks and tried my best to apply it to my situation. Its hit and miss, but it won’t be long and you’ll be feeling much more confident in your abilities. Just don’t give up. I see so many people run into issues and then immediately throw in the towel. Stick with it, and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed


thank you . Im sure I will have more concerns later but so far, at least the flowers are looking good. When I start harvest this, I will start another seed. Its a lot of trial and error. I take notes every day :sunglasses:


That is a very small pot for cannabis growing in soil for the next grow I would suggest 5lb bags but no smaller than 3lb if space is an issue and like others have said wait until the pots are very light or leaves start drooping before watering no matter what size pots you run
Keep lifting the pots each day to get a feel for the weight and when they just start drooping that is the weight you want before watering again
Keep at it it will get easier with each grow :sunglasses:
Best of luck to you

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Need some help. I planted all five seeds at the same time. All five were outside with the same about of sunlight each day along with he same watering. Two plants that are in this group never had the first flower or buds, The other three are loaded. 5 months fave done by. In the summer they had 14 to 15 hours of light. In the garage now with 12 hours. The ones with no buds are 7 foot tall as you can see from the pictures. Anybody got and advice of suggestion of what might cause this. Yes I checked they aren’t male plants either.

She is looking good

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Thanks for the watering advice. she is looking good. This is one of the smaller flowers


Yep, now is the hard part, practicing patience while she continues to bulk up. My first time I basically was in the tent every 5 mins, taking pics and checking trichs. And made the classic newbie mistake of harvesting too soon. Just keep doing what you’re doing and she will reward you in the end


It looks like it’s still in veg and never flipped. If you’re giving it 12 hrs if light now, that should take care of it shortly, and it will hopefully begin flowering. She’s a monster though!

Thanks for the info. It is in 12 mode now, from 6am to 6pm on the third week now… What I don’t understand is I planted 5 seeds on the same day. All five have had the same water, fertilizer, light and temps. Three have flowered and bud fine. I don’t understand why three did fine and two are like this. Will give the a few more weeks to see what happens.

Eh, plants are funny like that. Sometimes everything goes according to plan, other times, they do what they want. Just based on what I’ve read here, seems like maybe she just wasn’t getting enough darkness to induce flowering, and continued to veg and grow. That said, if she’s on a 12 hr schedule now, she should definitely start to flower shortly, but that means she’s still going to stretch, or double in size, so may want to take that into consideration. All that being said, if you allow it to flower now she will have a TON of bud for you at the end