New grower maybe having pest still not sure and how to control?

Oh yeah, one more thing, i was looking at your temps, try to get the RH to around 50 or 55% , the leaves need to let go of moisture and can’t do that with a wet medium and high humidity, warm up the tent a lil bit more too, 78 80°, that help dry out the medium a lil bit faster

Awesome thank u I’m going to get a dehumidifier tomorrow and I’ll turn the tent heat up right now. Thanks me too I’m hoping white widow has some painkilling qualities to it. 4 ozs for one plant! That has to do with the knowledge and genetics right? Cuz that’s alot! I’m hoping I pull 1 oz out of these 5 girls. I’ll be back in a few days after I have fixed those thing and show a healthy update! Thanks again. If u think of anything else please send it my way.


Just wondering why so high on the ph.
Always thought coco was to be ph’d to 5.8-6.0.
Soil at 6.5 - 6.8.
Just trying to understand the reasoning behind you suggesting a higher number.

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He has microbial life in his coco, in order for the microbial and bacterial fungi to thrive, this ph range is ideal, if you’re going to use liquid nutrients which are primarily synthetics then 5.8-6.0 is fine.

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Ok. Thanks for the clarification. Missed the microbes in the coco earlier.
Appreciated. :+1:

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During flower keep your temps around 79° to 80° at the top of the canopy, later on in flower coming to mid of week 5 to then end, drop the temps to 75° and 50% RH this will help dense up the buddz and bring out those terps and potency and those beautiful fall colors :sunglasses:

@T80gray The microbial life is my coco would be the fish shit and the great white microhorizhea? So because I use those once a week I would ph up to 6.5 to 6.8? Did I get that right?

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Yes, coco is primarily 5.8 to 6.0 when u add life to it, it acts as soil so the ph has to be in the comfort zone for your microbes which is 6.5 to 6.8 :+1:

@T80gray @Oldguy ok guys idk what’s going on and it’s so frustrating some of my plants on top look great I would say 3 out of 5 but then all plants have red or purple stems and it’s only getting worse. I heard it’s from nitrogen toxicity. The nutes I use have 10% nitrogen witch compared to the bottled nite at 4% I’m guessing that’s alot. So I flushed for the 3rd time and went back to the lower nitrogen nutes. Also the undergrowth or larf is looking wilted and like it’s dying on every plant. Here are some pics. I’m now usings sensi bloom ph perfect, coco, great white once a week and open sesame once a week. The sensi bloom is part a and b ppm going in at around 750 and ph of 6.4 going in for the microbes comfort zone. Tops look great on 3 plants two plants are looking horrible. The last 2 pics ore the plants that I think are just dying no matter what I do. And remember all under growth looks bad. I did spray epsom salt to help with reddening and purpling of stems 1 tsp per gallon.

Cut those inside sucker branches off now before they take anymore energy… have you calibrated your pens recently?

I have the blue lab ph pen and a cheap ppm pen from amazon. I calibrated the ph pen about 2 weeks ago @fano_man

Wouldn’t hurt to do it again… check your nute mix before and after you calibrate and see if your in range

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Re-calibrated ph pen. Last feed with sensi bloom ph perfect and hydrozyme was 6.1 going in I fed half strength nutes. It says 4 ml per liter on the bottle, and i know it’s about 4 liters per gallon I went super easy on them not to burn so I did 2.5 ml per gallon and still had a some nuts burn I’m guessing that’s what this is. The question is should I flush? Ppm coming out was 2000. Here’s what a lower shoot that isn’t getting much light looks like. I kept it just to see if it was going to burn only that shoot was effected.

or just water as normal to 20 percent run off

You said it your self your putting a fraction of 2000 in at 2.5 ml a gal… and it’s still comming out that high that means your soils got alot of food in it … is it fox farm