New grower looking for wisdom

A few days ago i noticed a brown spot show up on the leaf of one of my plants then 3 days later 2 whole leaves where brown any ideas. I use rocket fuel for dirt and foodlion distilled water only been in the soil snince March 12. Also noticed on that one plant the roots growing out the bottom of pot which is a 3 gallon.

Have you fed these they look hungry imo but I’m no pro myself

Only water according to what i read about rocket fuel i have 4 to 6 weeks before i need to feed them and they only been in the rocket fuel 17 days

Don’t know anything about that medium sorry friend I’ll tag a few folks @Underthestairs @Covertgrower @Aussie_autos @MidwestGuy can u guys help

It looks like it is peat based.

Monitor runoff PPM to be sure when to start feeding (when PPM dips below 1,000.)

It may be time for a transplant to a bigger container.

It is normal for lower leaves to yellow and fall off as the plants mature. I wouldn’t worry about one blemished leaf.


Done transplanted once was thanking would be risky to transplant again cause they are white widow auto from ilgm

Thanks everybody for your wisdom

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With @MidwestGuy guy on checking the numbers to start nutrients :love_you_gesture:

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I order one from Amazon i bought a cheap one when i got it darn thing didn’t work so i order a better one that people on here suggested will be here Thursday then i can go from there.

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If you’re only using distilled water usually CalMag is beneficial early on. But @MidwestGuy hasn’t ever steered me wrong… runoff numbers are important.

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Usually the first few leaves are a little wonky until she grows up some. Listen to :point_up_2: regarding your numbers.

:point_up_2: good point and needed :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah i got to go get some cal mag seen some at lowes called black magic. I order some PH up/ down and have fox farm trio so i mix nutrients at 1/4 strength then PH water to 6.5 and feed plants only if runoff PPM has fallen below 1000 and stick to the fox farm feeding schedule. Does that sound about right. Thanks for in information this is my first indoor grow first year made leagal in my state of VA

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Yes, but test your TDS on water days. When I grew in soil I would feed, water, feed alternating. Always to run off especially with FF trio.

Sorry for asking but what is TDS?

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Total dissolved solids/PPMS :love_you_gesture:

I should have knowed that cause that is y it is called a TDS meter

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Yeah I had that same issue initially pH matters big time

:point_up_2: the most critical part of the grow in my opinion :love_you_gesture:


I use to grow out doors back years ago we would just dig your hole put some cow manure in it then just good old VA dirt and creek water plants would grow good. Now to grow indoor it is a science to it but it is fun and keeps me busy