New grower looking for direction

So after germination was completed I tossed my little seed into soil. I decided to use fox farm products and by recommendation I filled a 5 gallon pot 1/4 of FF ocean forest and 3/4 of happy frog I did a complete water soak of the soil before planting the seed so I had nice moist soil. Once the seed was planted on 12/27 I would use a spray bottle to keep the soil damp and then as of maybe less than a week ago this cute little green sprout pooped her head out of the soil. Since then I’ve been keeping her warm and occasionally spraying with ph balanced water to keep soil moisture up. This is where we are at as of 1/4. Any suggestions on anything would be greatly appreciated also what’s the next phase in this process.


Looking good. The biggest mistake new growers have is watering. I mist my plants a few times a day. As seedlings they get a few mls at the base every day. After a few weeks they get a jigger (a couple of ounces) every other day or so. At about a month old they start getting a cup and a half per gallon of medium every other day or so with a good soak every week or so…


Very helpful thank you.

Don’t wet the soil any more than necessary. Moist soil will encourage insect growth. Keeping the top of the soil dry will inhibit their life cycle. I’m currently working on a wicking type of watering. I’m adverse to changing things when I’m doing so well, but I also like making things easier.