New Grower Kinda underprepared

I’d really go with the plastic then. Reflectivity is good, less costly, can take a beating. When I used mylar I ended up with some creases that would tear after awhile, but I’m rough on my stuff.

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Not much different from last update but I topped my plant. I accidentally broke some of the new growth while checking the water and decided it was time to top it. I’m also leaving for 5 days for thanksgiving and hope nothing goes wrong until I get back.

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She looks like shes reaching for light to me… Also the factbur using a blurple i can guess u might have it to high above you plant … What light u using and what height do you have it at.

@fano_man It’s not a great light but it’s only about 12 inches above the plant a new light is coming soon. If you scroll up you can see the light I am using

And if those are fresh cut clones id use strit water till you get roots nitrogen will inhibit new root growth in clones alot of ppl built "bubble cloners essentially what u have going id cut the big fans off and put a 2 liter with the top cut off upside down iver the cutting to increase humidity in a dome type enviornment …dont think about if your waters not below 75°

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These are the pics after 5 days of topping. Just got back home and the little one is flipped over. The Rockwool was bone dry and the plant is on the table. I have it more water but it might be too far gone. My first plant is looking great tho big leaves and I’m starting to get more shoots from the main stem.

Hello quick question. My plant seems to be bending towards the light very much is this normal or does it mean my plant wants more light already. I spun the bucket so it could move to a more normal position it was moving towards the 140w flood light instead of the led.

I recommend that you upgrade to more adequate lighting.

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Yeah I plan on it as soon as money comes in the first $70 is going to lights

If you’re growing one plant, hlg 132 will work great for you.

@ItsPat sine you seem to know a lot what do you think about my assessment.

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@Bighead500 it is a little hard to tell even zoomed in a bit, but it could be. How do the tops of the plant look? I’ll usually pinch off any flowers that form on the main stem, they usually miss out on light.

Top em now or never ull be happy with endresultresult and bring the purple down more till ur $ comes that light wouldnt hurt them plants if it tried not to talk badly of it but havent seen an over powered purple yet …unless is a superduper jdiskfgNfkc5000 i just made that up thats a mythical amazon light that has 5000amazon watts or 300 real watts in flower and veg mode ask questions before uslend money im king cheapo i know what its like budget growing but sonething are better left to be the best or dont waste your time

2 bad lights cost more then 1 good light so keep that in mind ive seen mc gyvyer cfl tube grows that u can probally get similar results to the purpllight. Cfl or office tube light will grow weed they greatly curve off adter about 6 inches from leaves but unless there actually touching foliagr they down burn… Good leds and good hids will burn the hell out of your plants from a distane…when u do make the plunge do research look up
Lumens per watt
Watt consuption apposed to advertised watts
All the numbers are what your plant needs to be on point and for you to get bang for your buck dont hesitate to tag light gurus like @dbrn32

And check out his diy light building thread @MattyBear grows awsome weed with a home made light guided by. Dbrn andits about 100 to 150 watt light that grows some of the best weed ive seen on here so dont be shy

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Alright I know this is hard to see but I really think this is preflower. I have been in flower 12/12 for 3 weeks still no pistils but this looks like preflower and it is not round so I think it is female.
Better view

Looks male, if you can get a closer shot? And I’ll let others chime in too.


It may be a bit early but I agree with @Covertgrower, it looks like a male to me as well. I would give it one or two more days and if a white pistil doesn’t appear then male for sure.



Closer picture

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@ItsPat could I get your opinion. :+1: thanks in advance.

Clear picture, still leaning male, but no harm in verifying for sure.

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