New Grower Kinda underprepared

I dojt see any deficencies looks happy to md

Thise csn be msrks from just transplanting

@fano_man I am sending updated pictures. Looking beautiful today. I didn’t know but if you get close it Already

and I already started my other seed and it’s taller than my main plant(3.5weeks

You’ll want to put that seedling under a light, it’s very stretched, looking for light.
The other girl look good. Good luck and happy growing :v::green_heart:


Curious, why do you think your air stone is raising your pH?

@GoneFission I read online that the airstone if too high will raise your ph because it breaks carbonic acid into carbon dioxide. I’m not sure how true it is but when I have my airstone on max my ph tends to go up by .1-.2 a day . If I have it on half it doesn’t rise. It might be other factors but I’m new to this and that’s what I read lol.

I think it’s looking great but I have a few questions like when will I start seeing pistils based on experience. It’s week four now and I also need to know when to up my nutrients in the bucket.
Any help or tips/thoughts are appreciated.


Another thought I am having is when should I top my plant. I also if female would like to clone it so I know I have another female to work with until I buy some feminized seeds.
When and how should I start cloning. I have seen people clone the top they took or just individual branches later on in the process.

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Whenever you get a side shoot from the bottom, those are the best candidates for cloning.


Could you possibly explain side shoot more or if you have a picture send it?

A side shoot is a branch :v::green_heart:

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Does anybody know about what week I should start seeing pisils.

@Bighead500 have you switched to flowering yet? Once switched to flowering the sex of the plant will usually show in first 2-3 weeks. Plenty of time to take a clone at that point before flowering gets full on. Pistils will show up in that same 2-3 time frame if its a girl.

When your ready to clip your clone, maybe this will help.

This node is a good one to clone from.

I would clip where the picture is marked.

Then give the end a nice clean cut closer to the bottom node on the branch, and into a collar in dwc under low wattage lights running 20/4 till she roots.


@ItsPat thank you. I am not in flower yet but I plan on flipping week 6. Only 1.5 weeks to go. Any other tips for a new grower. also what cheap lights could you recommend. Under 100 preferably.

Under $100 I would look at ebay and Amazon for knockoff led lights. This is one I have thought about trying.

I dont have it, but thinking of trying it in a small space im setting up.
If your not ordering a tent to grow in, I would order some Panda plastic to line the grow space. The increased reflectivity is like free money (more light to the plant).

Are you ready for the smell? It can get over powering in flower, a nice carbon filter will kill the stink and if in a good negative pressure room like my grow room, you can smoke a joint in the space and all the smoke gets pulled through the filter out of the room.

Couple more shots on clones for when your ready.

After chop, give stem a 45ish degree cut, I rub the stem on the blade edges afterward. Some people do this cut under water for several reasons. I just cut and rub the lower part a little raw.

Then stuff the end into a collar, or pebbles, or coco, or even soil. These are going to stay dwc, so these ones got a collar. This picture is about an hour after cutting and placing in new buckets.

They might take a day or two to really perk back up, but when the lights come back on we will add about 1/8 the normal GHE week 1 schedule, to get around 200ppm in the buckets. Till then they in water and a little hydroguard.

Pretty good success rate, I’ve only had one not take, but that was probably due to a light crashing on it more than anything else.

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@ItsPat Thank you so much this is all good information I can use and that light will most likely be perfect since I’m only doing one plant. You are always welcome here
For my first grow I will not have a carbon filter I just hope the smell isn’t too overpowering with just one plant.(my room has an ac unit in it with an exhaust. Do you think this will help remove the smell more than normal.)And if it gets bad I can get one if neccicary. I’m also looking into buying a grow tent. I’m just really broke. I lost my job to covid and am struggling a little bit right now.

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This is just a shopping list for me you can ignore it out use it as a budget setup.

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If you have the space go bigger on the tent, at least taller, but you’ll probably have to go a bit wider too. In 4ft you’ll run into height issues for many strains unless you get into bandage with your plants (especially stavias).

I went with a 6" filter and a ac infinity t6 for the exhaust. There are cheaper fans out there, but this one is super quiet even at high speed. So if noise is a factor, go with a fan the same style.

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On a limited budget I would skip the tent and use the plastic and duct tape to make my room. My little veg space I made up last year was super cheap as I had an old Ikea shelf on hand. Took a 36x24x60 shelf and wrapped the bottom 4 ft in plastic. Does nothing to contain smell but it does focus the light of the girls.

If your trying to hide the grow, get ready to buy the filter and a fan. With one plant it can still get pretty smelly. Like the power went out once for 3 hours here. After 2 hours everyone in the house could smell my girls. Burn some incense and it will cover it for most guests, but some with a nose will notice.


Great idea I might buy some Mylar. And can try to use my closet as a grow area might use pvc to make a make shift grow tent. Lol

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