New grower, introducing myself and one quick question

Hi there,
Just like the topic says, I thought I’d introduce myself before I had any real emergencies, lol. I found this site and got hooked after reading so much, so I decided to grow some Bagseeds that I had from some decent weed. At this point my goal is to see if I can actually grow a plant all the way through. So I’ve tried to keep it inexpensive so far. If I can get through this test grow, then I’ll feel comfortable putting more money into the operation.

Currently I have four main plants growing in Smart pots with FFOF and a bunch still in solo cups just to see what happens to them. I even took one out and put the roots in a jar and added water, it’s still going strong. My grow area is approx. 30" x 30" and my light is a cheapy Roleadro 600w dimmable. I have a Temp/RH meter, pH Up and Down, and will be purchasing a TDS meter soon. I haven’t thought too much about ventilation yet, mainly because I live in a state where it’s legal. But I’ll have to start thinking about it soon, 1) so the plants have better air and 2) because when my wife says she can smell it I have to do something, ha.

Anyway, a picture is attached of where I’m at. I planted the seedlings in the Solo cups on 12/15. The bottom left on is about 8-9" tall and just got topped, the back left one is about 10" wide but only about 5-6 inches tall and also just got topped. The back right one is pretty small and I fimmed it a few days ago. The picture was taken right before any topping/fimming, just FYI. The close right one, I’m going to leave as is and not top or fim (maybe).

My question is, when should I start watering to run-off?

Thanks for any input and ideas. Looking forward to going on this journey with you all!



Welcome to the forum. I’d start watering to run off now for the big ones


Welcome to the forum! First let me say your plants look great for your first grow! I agree w @HornHead to go ahead and water the plants to run off now. How big are the bags?

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Thanks for the welcome!

Good to hear about the watering, I’ll have to get my TDS meter ordered pronto! When I water them to run-off should I still avoid putting water directly near the stem?

They are in 3-gal bags. Hoping to keep it relatively small.

I’d personally get a ph meter first and a decent one. Ph is one of the key things to being successful at harvest time. The apera ph20 is what I and a lot of others use it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it. 3 gallon bags won’t take to long before you get your run off.

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Yeah, I’ll try and get one ordered tonight. What I currently have for checking pH won’t do too well with run-off, it’s just the GH up/down thing with the chart.

Thanks again!

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Yes and as you start adding nutes when you switch to flower the water will be tinted and impossible to see on charts. You’re off and running good job so far. You can tag anyone on here by adding the @ symbol in front of their name. Tag and ask questions. Everyone here is very friendly and are willing to help another gardener out.

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Welcome to the forum @JonnyPM

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum! You should be setup for success once you get those meters.

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Welcome to the forum. I started the same way you did. bag seed, I didn’t have a light so I improvised. Got them to grow tall and successfully pulled 4oz from 5 plants. Ha ha. My space was a wardrobe. I started with 10 plants unknown sex. 3 males killed 2 very nice fruity plants inexperience. Now I’m really into growing and this forum. We”me” I can and will be happy to help you whenever an issue arises. I think I’m pretty good as a plant EMT.


Welcome to the forum @JonnyPM :v::bear:

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Thank you everyone for the nice welcome and info!

Sorry for the late response, I had to fill in at a friends bowling league, lol. Hope I do better at growing than that or there’s going to be a lot of dead plants.

Off to check the (fingers crossed) girls and then to bed!


Looking good! Just a heads up about your space & plant count: you’re looking at 1 or 2 plants, tops. I know you’re figuring that you’re going to kill a lot of them, but your big girls are looking strong & healthy.

Can you get a slightly bigger tent? :grinning:


Yeah you’re right @blackthumbbetty, I didn’t figure that I’d have some viable options and thought only one would survive. And true again, if I do have to get rid of some, it’s going to be hard, they’re so purty. I might wait until they start to flower, for all I know they will all turn out to be males. If more than 2 look like they are female I will probably have to figure something out about the grow size.


Hi welcome to the forum. As you see already therr are lots if great growers here. Some of us are still in illegal states so we show off here.

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For those still tuned in…

Did first run-off on one plant to see how it responds before doing the other one. Water in was 6.7 pH, water out was 6.6. PPM is 971. No nutes so far, just FFOF.

All good or should I be adjusting anything?


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Sounds good, and I’d continue to feed just water for a few more times :v::bear:

Cool, thanks for the reply.

I ordered AN nutes, they won’t be here until Thursday. From what I’ve read I shouldn’t need to add much right away.

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No, start at half strength because you’ll already have a decently high ppm from the FFOF soil, even after plain water the next few times. :v: