New Grower Indoor Blueberry Autoflower - PH Low


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971!
Gonna give this a try.


Let me know how you make out and maybe other will give some in put as well
You may have a toxicity build starting since ph of runoff is higher than what your putting in
If watering didn’t correct might need a flush but try watering with a lower ph for then next couple waterings
@Majiktoker @Paranorman any thoughts on this matter guys don’t want to steer @CutTheCord in wrong direction


Grateful for the advise. The good news is the brown spots have not worsened in the last 16 hours or so.


Looks like you have a phosphorus deficiency early stage


just wondering @CutTheCord…this thread started out with low pH problems, how did you fix that?


Okay, Ph-Ph-Ph and more Ph.
Man, got home from work, started watering with 6.0 Ph’d municipal water.
First measurement of run off = 8.0! All 3 plants were running that high. The one plant with the Phosphorus deficiency sounded the alarm. Ended up flushing all 3 until runoff = 6.5.
I am planning to add either Mid Bloom Nutes or Late Bloom Nutes tomorrow?
The last time I watered, left about an inch of runoff water in the tray and figured it would soak it up quickly. Think this was my problem and threw off the Ph, maybe affected the bacteria in the soil?
Any further advise?
And sincere thanks man!
@kabongster I sincerely appreciate your rhetorical question. Got me thinkin. Thanks! @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971


Yes that likely woulda been your problem if they are still moist leave them be until dry


Will do they’ll be good and dry in 2 days. It seems so obvious to me now. Your help is much appreciated. Feel like I’ve read quite a few post spending hours on here and seems Ph is the issue most times. :v: Peaceful Easy Growing! :slight_smile:


Sounds like you figured out your problem
I never leave run off in tray and I keep blocks of foam under my pots to elevate them off concrete floor in my basement and I still suck it up with a shop vac
Ph is a common problem and it will cause all sorts of issues


I have my pots outside up on milk crates


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 @deb1 @Majiktoker!
Love the idea of elevating the pots.
I figured this had to be my issue when my Ph was initially thrown off when they were seedlings too. Just did not put it together. I was sucking the run off out with a turkey baster. This last time figured they get dry so quick now it would be any problem to leave it. Obviously not good for roots or the soil. The brown spots did seem to stop and she should be okay just gotta make it about 4 more weeks hopefully. Will be posting update pics later this week.
Always wanted to grow. Hadn’t smoked for over 20 years till last Fall. Knew had to get back to it. Love to wake and bake. :sunglasses: Plus my wife has endometriosis and it can help with painful flare ups. Growing has been such a rewarding process even with the stumbling.
You all helping is so cool!


Runoff is 6.5. Hopefully back on track :potable_water:
Thought I had read somewhere on here to leave the brown leaves until they fall off?
Or do you trim them for some reason?

This one plant took the brunt of it. She has been through quite a bit. As a newbie trying to do LST at 3 weeks, heard a snap. The stalk was hanging by a thread, prolly 80% severed. Quick wrapped a bandage around it. and sturdied her with the wires I was using for the LST. I guess they do grow like weeds.

The pic from the side makes it look not too bad, since the brown leaves are curling up :wink:


I personally let the leaves :leaves: yellow up and fall off on there own
I will pull them if they are being stubborn about falling off also I check canopy for dead stuff that get caught
But that’s me @CutTheCord


And what is the runoff suppose to be in veg and flower.


@irma1010 just prepping for my 2nd grow (ILGM - WWA). So definitely still a beginner. The first grow was a great learning experience and ended up with some wonderful weed. The run off should be 6.0 - 6.5.