New Grower in the Northeast needing advice on Outdoor Strains

The Durban poison looks pretty good so that is easy to grow and has a high disease and pest resistance and can withstand being outside in the dirt throughout new England summer’s with sometimes heavy rain and what not ? just want something that is easy and I dont need to babysit alot just typical things to take care of it and it will grow fast correct like how long is fast dont want to get to October and not have a plant ready to go or be rotting so far I’m between northern lights the daban poison and the Afghan feminized is the Afghan one a good Choice?

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Durban poison - 100% Sativa - When grown outdoors, harvest time occurs around the end of September to mid-October.

Afghan - 100% Indica - Flowering periods for Afghan when grown inside is about 8-10 weeks. Harvesting of outside plants takes place in October at the latest.

Northern Lights - 90% Indica 10% Sativa - The flowering time is, on average, 7-9 weeks often falling on the shorter side-so keep an eye out. Outdoor growers will harvest in mid-October at the latest.

I would avoid the Afghan and go with one of the others.


Seems like the northern lights is the best option since you and others have grown it in similar areas as me but to be correct it will be mold resistant and pest resistant for me to plant it outside in the ground and stand up to the climate changes that come in new England like sometimes heavy rain or some cold days dont want something I need to babysit alot just plant it and do the typical things nothing crazy as I’m new and it’s grows fast correct because like you said once October comes it becomes sketchy so need it to grow at a good rate

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Yes, it is mold and pest resistant, but still possible to have issues.

My outdoor NL usually gets harvested end of Sept to 1st week in Oct.

I have left my NL plants for 2 weeks at a time when I go on business (have a neighbor water) and have had very little issues.

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Do you use the regular free shipping or the registered shipping for a extra 25 I heard you need the 25 dollar version to track your shipment is that true

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Been a while since I bought seeds. I’m cheap. Probably went with regular free shipping :slight_smile:

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Just bought 5 seeds of the northern light’s feminized hope I do as well as you did you have any good tips for me when I’m beginning

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Don’t overwater your seedlings.

I use the KISS method - Less is more.

Most Important tip - HAVE FUN!!!

Good luck!!!

Here is a NL (indoor) IMG_3369

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Hey bud I had a similar story when I started. Good idea to research your genetics! I’m in a similar area (Lower Great Lakes). Curious, are you growing straight out of the ground or in pots? I’ve always used fabric pots to make it easier to move around toward the sun and away from damaging weather

Sheeesh UK :see_no_evil: tough climate… I would go with auto flowering

Eta; i see you already bought NL it’s a good choice for your climate… Let us know how it goes

Hey it’s been awhile but I got the northern lights and some purple haze going all growing good the purple haze a started a little later so they are not crazy big yet maybe a foot but growing pretty fast and healthy but the northern lights had in the ground a bit now some are 4 feet tall while the first 2 I did are atleast 7 feet tall still planted in the ground some others I got in buckets I didn’t plant them all at once so that’s why they’re different sizes but the 1st 2 I did are atleast 7 feet each while the other 3 about 4 feet like I said before but just the big ones have a little bit of yellow on leaves some dead at very bottom but nothing major or something I dont feel I should be concerned about I use miracle grow I know it’s a noob thing to do but hear it’s fine I only use it maybe 1 or 2 times a month on them is miracle grow ok to use or should I be using more of it or any other suggestion also I bought feminized seeds so they should be good but still like to check if it’s male or not I know you dont want to see balls and dont so far just not totally sure as to still being new to growing this type of plant the big plants haven’t produced any bud looking product yet but has a bunch of little flowers everywhere just wondering when should I except it to bloom one person told me August 2 is when it starts in our state but any suggestions or tips I should be doing to the plants now will greatly help thanks again for your help from before

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UK wrong place north east new England boston area lol look at my new comment of the update any suggestions from you would help also like to pick as many brains as I can lol

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I got about 6 in the ground and the others in buckets I updated my situation if you could read it it and give some suggestions it would help alot

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Hey @bigmill

Just north of Boston and I’m just starting to see some pre flowers on my plants. I’d say another 2 weeks and you should really be able to tell Male/Female.

Ya hopefully I got a bunch of preflowers and pistols everywhere just no nugs I heard like you said August in our area is when they should start to blossom also is miracle grow ok to use I know it’s a noob move but I’m a noob to growing this type of plant I only use about 2 large dunking doughnuts cups of it on it about once or twice a month just want to make sure it’s not hurting it so far like I said they seem very healthy with a some yellow or dead leaves on the very bottom the first 6 inches from the base on ground of the big 7 foot tall plants but nothing crazy or something I’m really worried about I just keep I eye on it but everywhere else it’s green perky and healthy looking with all the rain we had in July they just grew monstrous fast this month haven’t needed to really water them but the ones I got in buckets

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If your plants are healthy keep going but Miracle Grow is a no no with cannabis because it is a slow release fertilizer. Are you growing in Miracle Grow soil or using a MG Nute? I use General Hydroponics Flora Line for my indoor grows and have been using Roots Organic Uprising Grow and Bloom for my outdoor plants.

I started them in pots with just potting soil and whatever fertilizer it has in it then once they got to a good size I moved them all outside in a garden with not above ground so it’s natural dirt and just threw a little more potting soil in the hole to fill around it then covered it with the rest and loom from the garden they’re getting big and strong with 2 about 7 feet tall and the others about 4 and going good started them at different times that’s why the size comparison is different. Between the other 3 so basically what you’re implying is that a get a fast release fertilizer instead because so far all I’ve been doing is just watering them and once or 2 times a month a little miracle grow I dont go crazy with it and have so of my compost over the top to prevent weeds from growing and also giving some nutrients from that both other then that it’s just been all natural so far so can you get this at home depot like what ahoujd I buy instead I just used that because that’s what I also use on many tomato plants only been growing pot about 1 year now but everything is outside including some I got in those big orange home depot buckets

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I would say get nutrients better suited for cannabis. I’m not sure of anyone using MG as they are time released.

Do you cover your plants at all I heard you want about 12 hours of darkness atleast during the flower stage to produce the buds because they start to grow in the dark or na and just let the natural outdoor cycle of the sun do it’s thing

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I don’t cover. I let nature take it’s course.

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