New grower in need of some help or advice

I’m a first time grower and just wondering how my plants are looking



First I want to WELCOME you to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our awesome community.

Your plants are looking as if they are off to a good start… If you ever need any thing as far is help. Please feel free to ask any to…ok

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The biggest one is about a week old and wondering when to start fertilizing

What kind of grow medium are they in? Normally you fertilize very until the first round leaves start to turn yellow. Just use plain water in a circle around the plant. You want the roots looking for water. When mine are that old the get 5ml of water.

Thanks they are in ff ocean forest


With FF OF you shouldn’t need to use nutrients for a while. I went six weeks in veg didn’t need to feed until started flower. Just keep a eye on them. They will let you know if they are hungry. Also depending on what kind of lights you may need to start cal mag before nutrients. High intensity LEDs will cause plants to use up cal mag faster.

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I agree with @Bulldognuts just before you flip

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Thanks bulldognuts the light that I’m using is a marshydro 1000w and I have it about 24in away from plant or should it be closer

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From what I’ve seen on forum and the folks that have that light it’s a midlevel light that has enough intensity to possibly accelerate cal mag use. The main thing is just watch for slight discoloration in leaves if you catch issues early usually you can get ahead of problem before they get out of control. As far as distance 24 seems about right. Just like a lot things growing this plant the girls will let you know if they aren’t happy. If lights are to close you’ll see problems. If they are to far away they will reach for light and stretch out.

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What brand of cal mag do you recommend if I would need to use it and what are the sign

I use Botanicare cal mag plus. Can’t say it’s the best but is sufficient. As far as the signs I’ll post pics of my plants when I noticed issue. Usually if you notice something just ask on forum and post pics. Lots of experienced growers that can help out diagnosing problems. You can go to website Grow weed easy, they have excellent resources for diagnosing leaf issues and a lot of other problems you may run across.

Here’s pic of my plants when I first noticed problem

Here’s pics from the website I mentioned.

Thanks I appreciate everyone help and advice on my plants and helping me become a better grower

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It seems some of my girls have a curve in them any thoughts

You have some great help here, just wanted to drop by to welcome you.

In your last pic the seedlings look a little stretchy, this is usually from too much red light or too low light intensity.

@dbrn32 I’m using a marshydro 1000w light and its about 24in away from them do you think should move closer and 18/6

The ts1000?

Yup its a ts1000w

I would lower it some, few inches and then see how plants respond.

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