New grower in califinia

hi i am a new grower any tips would be great


Welcome to ILGM, you can get a lot of great advice here. But you sort of need to be a little more specific. What are you interested in doing as far as growing. Indoor or outdoor, what kind of medium are you going to use coco, soil or hydro. If indoors do you have a tent or grow area in mind. What kind of lighting will you be using. You can get guidance on all of this if needed. If you haven’t bought lights and aren’t sure about what to buy then please allow us to help. Specifically don’t fall for the hype on Amazon about most of the lights they sale.


Welcome to ILGM!
Don’t over water is the other piece of advice. :wink:


Welcome to the community. Read journals and ask questions

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Simplicity will be your friend starting out. Can I recommend a nutrient line for you? Jacks nutrients their 321 program is amazing.

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Welcome mate I gave a newbie a lot of starting
tips on this post hope it helpsSO EXCITED! but im pretty green myself and there’s always someone here with a decent answer

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thank you

thanksi just bought nutrition blend

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Welcome to the funnest hobby on the planet.Lots of good people with a wealth of knowledge here.

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