New grower... I have a lot of questions of course

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I have recently sprayed a 3 in 1 insecticide but I’m still seeing bugs on leaves, spiders who are killing some flies, and a lot of leaves are being chewed. Do I trim those leaves at all?
Next question, I have a plant that fell over last night, I put a couple stakes in and braced it with rope, the roots aren’t exposed, should I add any more dirt to the base for added support? The plant itself is about 3 feet tall. Any and all info for this newbie would be appreciated. Thank you!

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@AAA @garrigan62 @Skydiver should be able to help you

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Sounds like you are on track stand back up cover exposed roots and support would be good. Welcome to the community good luck

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I would inspect the underside of the leaves with a magnifying tool.

Leaves with heavy bug infestation I would remove(dont remove all the leaves, just the ones that are caked with bugs).

Spray with straight H2O2. Then after 48 hours spray with captain jacks dead bug.

H2O2 will kill them and captain jacks will keep them from eating the plant.

If they are really infested and there are no buds you can use a 50/50 ISO/H2O mix instead of H2O2.

I like to spray my plants early morning so the warmth dries them before they get direct sun.

Good luck.


Thank you for that advice.
This is one of the leaves I’m referring to

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flesh wound. Probably a grasshopper. I would let it ride.

I had seen a few, before I sprayed. Thank you.

Yup looks like pillar or grasshopper damage. The peroxide/water solution is amazing. And capt jacks (i hear) sprayed twice a week will keep em off

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Ya put some more soil around for more added support.8