New grower HLG lighting question

I am new to growing. I have three white widow autos. They are doing great under a HLG 135 rspec. When i received the HLG kit they gave me an extra light board. Not sure if this was a mistake or what. So now i have an extra light board and want to put it to use. Does anyone have links to buy a heatsink and driver for this board. I was also wondering if i could get a bigger driver to run it on the board. Any help/advise would be appreciated.

The larger heatsink is available on the HLG website. I’ve just bought 2 myself. They ship pretty fast. A double is $49 and if you want to build an XL you can get a triple for $69.

The part number for HLG’s 260 rspec power supply should work for you.

@dbrn32 is the light expert here. Let’s see what he says too.

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I would go with another single heat sink and another 135 driver. This way you can run the lights at different heights/ intensity should should run a couple plants that are growing at different rates

Let me add; I’d connect the other light panel to make sure it works before ordering anything


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Welcome to the forum, I agree with Bobby as your have more options with two separate heatsinks either way you scored dude that’s awesome!

Like the others said, you have a lot of options. Can get another single, or run both boards from a double or triple. Same with drivers.


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I forgot to mention my tent is a 32x32x64

Do you think i can fit a double board heatsink?

Should/could i upgrade the power or stay the same ?

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