New grower here looking for feedback

Hello everyone, I’m a new grower and I’m bout to start my grow this week. I just wanna make sure I’m just re-doing some last min research to make sure I have everything down to the T. I’ve watched a ton youtube videos, read a few sites’ (including this one) how to beginners guides, also read a few journals including @SilentHippie, I too will be using Kind Soil. I have my seeds from ilgm GL and their new zkittlez.I haven’t germinated yet because I’m kinda nervous and just wanna fully make sure I have everything I need to know. I’m hoping you all can help me with that, any input, advice, feedback… etc. Would be much appreciated
So my setup:
2x4x5 tent
Mars Hydro tsw 2000
cloudline T6 incline fan with a 6" carbon filter
2 5gallon fabric pots
Kind soil and coco loco
I have an Apera pH20 and I’ve been playing around with it and checking the pH of my tap and it’s confusing I keep getting different results. I’m not sure I know how to entirely use it properly. But just in case I will be going to the hydro store today to get some Earth Juice crystals. I apologize for the long post and I appreciate everyone that read it… If I’m missing anything please let me know. Do I need a heating pad for the seedlings? I was gonna start them off in solo cups and use a plastic pullout drawer as my dome.

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Dont know the light but every thing else looks good. May have to learn LST due to the height available. Nice beginning.

Thanks @Audiofreak

Your welcome. I was serious about the LST. I grow in a 2x4x5 and had to remove all fan and filter to the outside as the plants were growing into the lights.

Yea I’m gonna be doing that. I’m still researching training the plants. I’m still not that caught up with the exact way of doing that tbh @Audiofreak what kinda lights did u use?

Soak your seeds for 24 hours, then I recommend using a propagation tray with heat mat and rapid rooters! It keeps the seed nice and warm with a good humid environment. Not sure about the specs on your grow light, but introduce your seedling to a low setting of light. You do not want to burn her straight out the get. I use a T5 for this process! Number 1 rule don’t over think anything and always give her TLC! HAPPY GROWING MY FRIEND!

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I’m using the HLG 260XL V2 LEDS

Did u use a heat mat under ur solo cup?

I do use it for my solo cup. I get a square foil cake pan and set it on the heat mat. That way you can mist the cake pan to keep humidity up. Only water with a spray bottle about twice a day.

Any advice on where I should keep my humidity range?

@Audiofreak @Mr.T88 here are the specs for my light. U think this is good enough by itself or should I get another light to supplement when it comes time to flower?

edi…remove unauthorized link

what are the strings for, we all like learning something new lol

I used them last grow to tie off colas as they got to heavy to support themselves. Also @dbrn32 is the lighting guru I believe, he can tell you better than I regarding your lights however I didn’t see the real wattage draw from the wall anywhere on the spec sheet and that makes me suspicious.

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the problem i see is the tent height, i think you will need to run the coolest light, subtract the height of pots you are growing in plus distance from top of plants to the light from 5’ tent doesn’t leave much

Exactly! Can be done however but I had to remove exhust system out of tent and use low temp LED lights. Leaves you about 3 feet to grow in +/- . Which is why I mentioned to learn LST.

Just started training my current grow this morning.

Sounds like a great light to me. Removing the rubber plug and having to use a screw driver for the dimmable function sucks, other than that it should turn her into a beautiful lady!

@Audiofreak it’s 310 watts but I watched a video and a guy tested it a 337 true watts. Oooo that’s a nice looking plant you got there. So you just fan them out. I always read u have to have all the stems lean the same way as the main stem

I think I got the upgrade version cause my model has a dimming knob

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I’m a newbie still (4th grow) I just spread them out from the center to fill the 2x4 tent and try to flip before they get too tall.