New grower here looking for advice

I ha e a 4ftx4ft vivosun tent and 2 vs1000 led lights. I germinated the seed and put them in soil this morning. Was wondering whats a good height and power % to have my lights at. I have 2 Blue dream autos im growing first. So I have 2 vs1000 lights over 2 plants. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Low level light for seedlings. I have a 7W LED from one of the box stores. I hang it as close to the seedling as I can get it.

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So put it on 25 or 50% how high from soil should I have my light?

I was thinking like 25% and 12 inches above soil. Idk tho its my first grow.

18-24 inches, at 25% brightness should be alright. Welcome!

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Thanks glad to be here everyone seems so chill. Thanks for the advice too.



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You’ve got my starting set-up! My girls loved the 1000s at 25% about 14-16” for a few weeks, then I had to raise to 18” and crank it up to 50% - I’m at about 20” and on 75% now hanging over one plant. Be careful when you go to the 75-100% range on these, they suddenly start to run very hot and you’ll need a fan blowing directly on the light to dissipate the heat.

Welcome aboard and happy growing.

Welcome to the best forum on the planet! Going to be glad in fun to see how your grow works out. Happy growing everyone!

Yes I have a fan circulating good air. Thanks for the info I had lights at 24 inches on 25%. Gonna go ahead and change it up. Thanks

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