New grower here, am I doing something wrong?

Planted 4 weeks ago after germination. Do these look right? Am I doing something wrong?

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Welcome to the community :blush:. I’m pretty new to growing too. What concerns you about your babies. They look good to me. Do you have different lights for later in your grow?
Happy Growing!


I am quite new. However, it looks like they are stretching up towards the light a bit. I had the same issue. I had to lower my light from the HLG factory recommend 36" to 12" and I increased the light intensity a bit as well. Other than my humble opinion about the stretching, I think they look good.

What media are they planted in?
What lights are u using?


Wait, these are a month from germination? Although they look healthy, something is not right here… They should be much bigger at a month old. Way too big to be in those cups still. I am going to suggest a lighting change… I believe those lights are enough to get them to sprout but not enough to keep them growing. Not to be a jerk but your plants look like mine does at 7 days old…

Here’s one of my old Gorilla Glues at 8 days from popping soil…

Here’s the same GG at 27 days old…


What is your medium? Her roots aren’t growing for some reason.

I know it’s a watering issue, from the pictures. Just can’t tell you the appropriate plan of action without knowing the medium.

They are also leggy as mentioned above. Light intensity needs increased. Medium shouldn’t look like the desert at any point. Plants this young, water less but in a ring halfway between center and edge of pot. Promotes root growth, prevents root rot.

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Seems like a bad light what light do you have

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I did learn I had the lights set way too high the first 2 and a half - 3 weeks. I lowered lights a week ago and that’s when new leaves started sprouting. I’m just worried the stems look scrawny. I usually must the top of the soil with a water bottle but last night I poured a small amount on them.

What brand are your lights are the blurple or a sun like Mars from what I see those lights are no use in my opinion but I also have a similar issue until I get my new light in a weeks time

Red and blue leds on the wall and UV grow bulbs in the lamps, they seem to prefer the lamps. I plan on upgrading as soon as I can. Any recommendations that don’t break the bank?

Mars hydro have a good range from $100 and up so it would depend on what u wanna spend. Most of the blue and red led lights are misleading as I’ve found out hence y I have ordered a hydro ts 1000 for myself which is dimmable so good threw entire grow.

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For example mine says it’s a 1200w but it actually only draws 130w meaning it’s isles in last few weeks of lower. Mars hydro ts have a minimum of 150w draw and can replace a 250w hps in a 2.5ft x 2.5ft coverage.

I’m also using regular potting mix

What’s the size of the grow space? If you are serious about growing and want good yields and bud density than the light is the most important piece of gear, think of it as an investment and avoid lights found on amazon - mostly cheap chinese crap. Highly recommend buying HLG (horticulture lighting group), you get a better light, better warranty, better customer service since you’re dealing with an american company and don’t support a brutal communist regime.


A f ing MEN


Mars is good, I use one SF-1000 for each of my plants. Both of those will work and is about as cheap as you can get if you want a decent grow.

PS - The light that @Dclark suggested and the SF-1000 are good for ONE plant. If you’re going to do more at the same time, you need more lighting.

The space is 4ft by 4ft with 7ft ceiling at the moment but I plan on extending the closet to 4ft by 8ft.

Once I buy better lights, do I need to set them to where I can adjust height of lights easily? Would I need to adjust them up or down?

If you buy really good lights…like below, you should just be able to affix them to the top of the tent without having to adjust for height. You just need to figure out how many plants to you want to grow at the same time and what will fit in your space.

I’m not knowledgeable enought to answer those last two thing but some one will be along shortly with a help post for you