New grower help

My loser leaves started going yellow so I gave some nutrients which didn’t help. I gave some magnesium two days ago and hopefully that helps. The upper leaves are clawing down now because I think I gave too much nutrients to try fix them. I gave a good watering yesterday to flush them.
What should I do next? Leave them for a while? image image image image image

that’s usually a symptom of over/under watering. How do you water your plants?

I think I may have been under watering them because I was so scared of over watering them. I wasn’t wetting the whole pot when watering , just putting some around the base of the pot, and no water was coming out of the drain holes.The watering I did this week, I kept watering until some came out of the drain holes. I will water again when the top inch dries

yea you are definitely underwatering them. I usually check by the weight of the pot but usually just water them until you see water coming out the holes. And water them again when the first like 2inches are dried out.

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So after watering them properly two days ago, they look way healthier and have grown a fair bit!! Whoo!

An inexpensive moisture probe that you insert into the soil may help with your watering. It will just help confirm your decision whether to water or not. Like @andrevalgode said check the weight of the pot. Obtain a sense if dry / wet based on its weight. Also how do the leaves look. Are they a little droopy and listless? Don’t be afraid to stick your finger into the soil. Damp or dry? No problem losing the bottom leaves. You probably would have cut them out eventually.

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They weren’t droopy, they felt super thin and fragile , which I think means not enough water :man_shrugging:t3:

For future grows I suggest you start training your plants from a young age… You will get bigger yields :slight_smile: Your plant is looking good don’t worry too much about lower leaves since you will be cutting them out at some point.

What do you mean be training them ?

Yeah this is my first ever grow, so I wasn’t expecting anything crazy haha, sort of experimenting