New grower help with setting up grow room

@Nicky uses the kingbrite stuff.

As far as air goes, maybe a recirculating system would make more sense? I would maybe check with @peachfuzz on that, bet he would at least have a couple good suggestions.


Kingbrights are great, they are right up there with my HLG. I love them. HLG’s are great to but for the home grower I would say kingbrite is the best bang for your buck. They will pay themselves back faster and technology changes rapidly so that’s important. Cost to yeild to power efficiency type thing.
If I was a commercial grower I would run hlg or hire @dbrn32 to build my facilitys lighting lol


Sry I haven’t posted in a bit life been slapping me around lately. But I’ve been planning my build as I fall asleep since I haven’t had time to properly sit down and just plan… anyways I’ve decided to switch it up and gonna do aeroponics… building 2 4x8 racks with 2 shelves. That gives me bout 3’ 8.5" head room minus 5" for rail gives 3’ 5.5". Fig lights to be 12" from top of plant gives me bout 2.5ft for plant growth. Fig 1 plant per sq ft. . I’ll post couple pics of sketches I’ve made 2morrow. Going for sea of green. I’ll do 10x 288 boards full white lights and supplement some red per shelf. Thats 1 every 2x2. I’ll give more details 2morrow but I need to start working on mother plants. I have a 4x4 tent i plan on keeping 4 mothers in. I got the tent and a 1000w bestva burpuple for free basically so first question is will 1 mother be able to supply 32 clones in perpetual sog grow? Will i have room in tent for more moms if not? Will the burpuple be enough to maintain the mothers? If not how many 288’s would I need 3? Also need 2 know best strains for my sog grow would like 4 different ones 1 per shelf. Would love colors and high thc if possible also something to help with pain and anxiety/panic attacks would be helpful but really won’t be to picky at end of day. I’ll have other questions bout setting up my hpa system but would really like to get going on mothers as I’ll have a lot of downtime after my surgery in 4dayz and my son will be staying with me to help out around house and help build hpa system. So I wanna get stuff ordered asap. As always I appreciate the advice given by you fine folk <3