New Grower. Help! Grow Set-up

I am ordering from Vivosun since they seem to have the best customer service out of all the other brands. Plus they have warranties. If you have any suggestions about any of this please comment.

  1. Grow tent: 2x2x4 (veg) and a 4x4x6 (flowering). I’m thinking 2-4 plants?
    How many plants can I grow?

  2. Lights:

    • 2 double ended grow light fixtures (one in veg tent and one in flowering tent) that fit 1,000 watt hps/mh bulbs (too much?)
      • The ballasts are dimmable to 600 watts (which is what I will use). Not using the full 1,000
      • Supposedly they don’t have to be cooled by fan. Just air cooled
      • I would use a hps bulb for flowering and a mh bulb for vegetation
    • 1 Fluorescent 2ft T5 6500k grow light fixture for seedlings
      • I’m not sure what the wattage should be for seedlings (please help)

Just the grow tent and the grow light fixtures alone would cost a little under $750 (bulbs included). I don’t mind spending the extra money on lights because they are essential to the grow but am I going overboard?

Sounds good , grow it up my friend, and I love my MH/hps,


See I would tell you if you make the comment “I don’t mind paying more for lights if they are worth it” and then telling me your going to use a hid. While a hid light will do the job it’s kinda like buying a pager instead of a cell phone to keep in contact. It’s outdated technology , you should at least look into the more efficient led lights like hlg. I would hate for you to spend a ton of money and then still need to constantly upgrade equipment.

I’d go with leds in a tent cheaper to run a tad less on the heat. I run leds and halide in my veg and when I added the halide the plants liked it better so left it in there BUT I don’t have a tent. Halides kick butt bruh but effective for what I do and run on 240 volt less amperage but do drain more electric indeed…At some point might test out leds in flower but 20’x20’ flower room would be expensive… All hps in flower… Old technology but produce many Lb’s…Agree on led in tents…

Get vivosun stuff cheaper on eBay then on vivosun web site I’ve found…

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Most of it is available thru Amazon also, I can tell you if your not happy with any of there products be honest in your reviews and they will reimburse you.


Bought blowers off eBay 3 times , free shipping & $15 cheaper there lighting was cheaper on eBay as well even with there 10% off… 6” and 8” have 10 of them no issues…a lot of people like those double ended lights but I like to vent mine through air hoods :blush: night and day on heat…

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I also recommend a cool tube if you decide hid it will make a big difference on heat control. I had the 600 watt with out a cool tube.

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Before I bought blowers you couldn’t even touch the glass but in summer I ran two 24000 btu mini splits so at the time didn’t care but in the winter you cant run mini splits on the air side therefore blowers. One blower per every two lights, some say you can do three lights one blower but I don’t agree with that mostly for 6” blowers. In short I can put the back of my hand on the glass now and leave it there and winter exhaust to the outside of the room to keep it warm and summer exhaust through 2 10” ducts works great :grimacing: I get long winded typing I know :rofl:

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Nice bike @GoBlue

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Sold it 2017 ultra classic. Sold that and 2012 Dodge Challenger with hemi and bought Aurora Cannabis Stock then sold that and bought a house in Michigan :joy: thanks!

Miss it some but hell didn’t drive it much, miss the Harley more :woozy_face:

Okay. Then what hlg lights do you suggest for my size tent(s)? Do you run led’s in both veg and flower stage? Most of my research was dont on hps/mh bulbs

Don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t want just because it work for them, you’d done the research, so do what u want to do my friend, I got both md/hps and LEDs, so in my personal opinion I get better results with my hps

But I’m old-school lol

Lighting falls under @dbrn32 I have a smaller space so what works for mine may not work for yours. You maybe OK with running the more efficient lights for just flower my guess would be 2 of the 260 xl for the 4 foot or 1 for the 2x4. But db knows more. But that what I would get budget permiting.

Dimmimg hps can have a significant impact on emitted light spectrum, so not a great idea to buy planning to run dimmed. If you want to run at 600 watts I would recommend just buying a 600 watt ballast and bulbs. I wouldn’t also suggest going with an air cooled setup if you’ll be in a tent. If you don’t mind spending more, leds can avoid that but you won’t be happy with the cheap models.

The fluorescent fixture in pic is plenty to veg a 2x2. I would go with at least 4 bulb 2’ t5 if that’s what you’re planning on.