New grower having trouble germinating

Hi…I planted my seeds 11 days ago in rockwool and they haven’t popped yet…was wondering if any had any advise as to what I was doing wrong. Or is it the seeds?( White widow Auto)

How many seeds did you plant? Where are you keeping the cubes?

You can carefully cut a slit down the side of the cube and pry it open to see what’s up.

Soaking the seeds in water (tap is fine) for 6-24 hours is what I’d do. I like to see the seeds sink. Better still if they crack.

I’m not opposed to placing the seeds in a damp towelette inside a sandwich bag. Once the taproot sticks out, you carefully plant them in the seedling medium. Rockwool, in your case.

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Planted 4 did not let them soak. Went right into rockwool. This time I will let them soak and do the paper towel. But i soaked the rockwool in ph balanced water. The humidity was around 80% and kept the tent at around 75 80 degrees…I cracked open one cube to look at it today and it’s just the seed nothing else. Oh and thank you for responding so quickly

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Oh the cubes were kept in a seedling starter with a dome and a seedling mat underneath

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It sounds like you’re taking all the correct steps. I’d recover the seeds, and try them again after a soak.

The paper towel is nice when you’re popping 100 seeds. You can see what’s throwing a taproot and ignore the rest. But handling the seeds is also a chance to hurt them. Keep things clean, and treat them delicately.

Good luck!

I read that you should keep the seeds in the dark while they are soaking and in the paper towel is this true?

Yes it is and that’s what im doing right now with 9 seeds. they went on the paper towel at 3:15 this morning RCT and tap root showed at 8:30 ect this morning and most likely more by know

I think it’s important to keep them warm, and that light has almost no bearing on it. That’s my gut feeling, and not based on empirical evidence. I’ve germinated seeds on a kitchen shelf in a ziplock.

There’s some excitement about soaking in a mild peroxide/water solution instead of straight water. The idea is you’re removing pests and pathogens that could be on the shell of the seed. I’m gonna try it, but I know nothing about the dilution to use.

Ok thank for your advice hopefully I will have some luck this time around

I’ve had 100% success dropping seeds in a cup of water for 24 to 48 hours. If they don’t sink by then just tap them and they should then sink. Then placing the seed in a folded damp paper towel on a plate on a heated pad. I wait for taproot to appear then plant no more than quarter inch deep in seed starting mix soil. Usually light warrior. Knock on wood works every time.

Thank you I will do that this time…I just dropped them in the rockwool last time with zero success

And of course I just had one seed, mango kush, fail to germinate. I guess I jinxed myself. Lol

Lol…I guess it happens…happy new year

I use a coffee mug when soaking seeds, and I use peroxide. My scientific formula is 1/4" peroxide, then fill mug with distilled water. I have found it works for me.

I will try it thank you

Are you still struggling to get seeds to sprout?

No haven’t started the new ones yet

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I have a similar problem, but I had soaked the seeds in ph’d water first and waited for them to grow little tails. Then I planted them in pre-soaked rockwool. They are in a warm place and i’m spraying them to keep from drying completely, but it has been 4 days and I see no sign of emergence. These seeds were just purchased from ILGM.

@KeystoneCops @tar @Josh2
I promise to never brag again. I told Josh2 that I was 100%. Then one seed failed to germinate. Then I had a whole batch of 10 seeds go belly up on me.
Fortunately I am dealing with a reputable, honest company, ILGM ! After some email discussion with them they have been kind enough to replace them.


Give it 10 days if nothing happens after that then something is wrong

That sucks…awesome that they are replacing them…I have had 4 not pop. How do I go about replacing them?