New grower have one plant am I doing right by it


Okay my gorilla glue #4 is about two weeks use T5

small fan fox farm food temp 78 with 65hum

Two little one know sure watered one time on porch seeds came out of club bag I bought haha


You will probably want more light and maybe more room.

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Is that a sucker growing at the base of the plant? I have two plants growing out of one seed. One main plant and another (a sucker) which is like 1cm long. Haha. It looks funny. I pulled it and has a tap root so I planted it in its own cup to see if it’ll grow.


More light so could I add a second T5 I knew it was a small light? By more room bigger pot the plant is in a walk-in

closet. Please help first plant getting grow box or tent next month plan is six plants White Widow OG Kush Northern Lights


I know my setup at this point is basic


Well had to improvise on my lighting any thoughts


i think you need to move the seedlings closer to the cfls


I totally agree the worry I’m having is sexing the big one and how long can I keep babies next to big plant I assume big one is female or hoping lol do you think lighting is good for now upgrade is coming just on the fence LED or HPS been doing home work trying to figure out how to sex this plant help needed


Also she was stretching so topped her I want her about three feet total height she can go wild bushing out it is gorilla glue from what the club said tent or grow box upgraded lighting next month


If it is a cutting from gorilla glue, it should be female unless you’ve been specifically told it was a male for breeding pollen, and the club would probably have told you.

The little seedlings I’d be more worried about having hermaphrodite flowers. In all likelihood the seeds will be “feminized” as they came from a mostly female plant that probably was self pollinated by late showing hermaphrodite flowers. But that might not be entirely a bad thing, the plants grown from such seeds are also most likely going to produce buds about as good as the bag they came from.

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That helps a lot they had about 12 gorilla glue so that being said its most likely female the other two I’ll keep close watch from the size of the gorilla glue how old think she is I’ve had her since 3/2/16


It’s a clone , it takes much patients to a long veg to get a clone to fill out ?


Is this normal have over 20 new baby fan leaves starting to me looks good like feeling out some


By the picture how long should I keep her Vegging she’s showing signs of a lot of growth makes me happy being my first plant


The more it veg the more it build budding nodes , the more it fill out the more it will yield . I would hate for your first experience to be like mines , which I yielded like 26 grams my first plant , but if I would have let go longer in veg I could have got at least 2 ounces.


Hey to tell the truth I’d be stoked to get 26 grams I started out knowing nothing now I feel better about some of the stuff your advice is welcome it helps me learn thank you


So let her VEG what about transplanting to a 3 gal. Pot soon


Question I’m running 24 hours light cycle is that okay till I flip to flower I’d like to Veg at least one month longer to let she really bush out and have time to get my tent for the 12/12 I know I need complete darkness 12 hours a day


My closet grow. Home made light fixtures. All cfls. I never run 24 hour hour cycle but that’s me. You are doing great. Looks good.


Love the setup before I flip to flower I’ll have my grow tent that way 12 hours complete darkness. Thank you in working hard to get it right so when I order seeds I’ll be ready to really kick it off