New grower has white blotches


I have some white “blotches” on my fan leaves. I have checked other posts, but have not seen anything that looks like what is going on with my plant. The white blotches wipe away easily. The white blotches are flat against the leaf, not raised at all. The pic I have does not show the white blotches very well. In addition to help getting rid of the white blotches are these leaves safe for edibles? Thank you.

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I’m experiencing freckles like this and found that boron was the cause…needed more

@mtjack59. A pic in natural light would let us see the spots more clearly.
But almost looks and sounds a bit like white powdery mildew.
I’ll wait for a clearer pic tho to be sure.



I’m not sure this picture is any better, has the room light on.

No its not better. You need a picture in natural light as burples mask all the problems. @Oldguy aleady said the same thing.


I am sorry for the delay. All signs point to powdery mildew. I was thinking about using ACV, milk and water solution, what is you opinion on using this solution?
Thank you for your assistance

Nor-Cal has alot of ashes from all these fires

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