New Grower - Grow room set-up

Hey guys I’ve “grown” before in highschool using twirly bulbs but obviously that doesn’t work well and I never really netted anything worth while off them. So now I’ve decided to try my hand at it again but this time with a little more money and planning involved. So I’m going to go through a run down of my shopping cart and would like some input on it as I’m a rookie :slight_smile:

So I was given a 2x4x5 grow tent which is what sparked this in me again but the person who gave it to me upgraded cause it wasn’t big enough so I’m going to do the same. I’m ordering a 5x5x6’8" tent from Amazon(basically everything is coming from there for now, items will get upgraded if I continue with this hobby.

I’m also ordering a 1200w blurple light that pulls 240 plug watts. I’ve been reading this are not the best but like I said if I continue with this hobby I will upgrade as time goes on.

I’ve also included;
Digital PH Tester
Standard Hydroponics Ph Up/Down
Some hanging clips for lights etc
General Hydroponics Floragro, Florabloom & Floramicro Fertilizer
4" inline exhaust fan @203CFM with a charcoal filter.
Scrog net
Mini Dehumidifier
TDS Meter
5x 7 gal grow bags

Let me know if you think I’m missing something or if what I have is not up to par for what I will need for this size room.



What soil?

@GetbackJoJo That I haven’t gotten to yet. Lol. So far I’ve only focused on the room part. I havent been able to even decide what strain to start with. But with that said I’m work than welcome to hear any recommendations on soil. (I haven’t read that far into the forums yet)

Temperature and humidity gauge? Might need a humidifier to keep humidity up while in veg.

@MoneyPit there is a temperature/humidity gauge included with the light. I feel like keeping humidity down won’t be an issue here as I live right on Lake Superior it keeps us damp and I run a dehumidifier all winter long in house already. But it is a good point and if I can find one for cheap I may pick it up just to be safe

I mix one bag of fox farm Happy Frog soil to one bag of ocean Forest. I think it works pretty well and covers my bases. Especially through the veg stage. Enjoy your grow and good luck! Setting the stuff up is fun.

Seeds! You need seeds!!! :wink: welcome to the forum and best of luck! :v::bear:


@MattyBear I think I’m going to go with a Trainwreck auto flower it says they are easy and it’s a strain I really enjoy.


Haven’t had the pleasure of growing Trainwreck yet, but I have a few seeds and I’ve heard a few growers I really trust who say they love that strain. I’d say that’s a great choice :wink::v:

Best info I got when I started was to be above 50w per sq foot, I like 60w per Sq. Using the pull from wall/plug wattage (240w). So the 2x4 tent =8sq feet = 400w from wall/plug needed. Your short a bit. Look into HLG lighting, very small profile energy efficient. I have a 2x2x4 tent doing 1 plant at a time in it, I have nearly the same light you mentioned 1200w (240w actual) + a 300w (50w Actual) all in same tent, I have nearly the same vent system your getting and here is what I got at week 5.



Heard good things about that, as well as Blueberry Auto, it’s smaller bushy and biggest fast harvest. 8 - 10 weeks give or take.

My Bubble Gum autos are compact but a lot of flowers. I would definitely recommend autos for your first grow. Less factors to worry about. Get a good grow under your belt first, then venture out.

I would look for an easier strain to grow your first one. Like green crack or blue dream.

this light will cover a 3x3 area for veg and a 2x2 area in flower,
like Demar said, look into Quantum Boards, the best light for your money right now.!
u will be 5 - 10 times happier with the QB’s, so it is worth the extra cost.!

do u want to fill the 5x5 with wall to wall Blurple light.?

in flower that will be…
25 sq ft x 50-60 wpsf = 1250w - 1500w of Blurple (actual draw) (6x Phlizon 1200’s)
this will also require (up to 900 cfm) 2x HO 6" inline fans or one HO 8" fan
the 2x4 is 8 sf x 50-60 = 400 - 480 total watts (2x Phlizon 1200’s)
this will need 150-250 cfm

2x HLG 135w QB’s or a single 260w XL QB would fill the 2x4.!!
a one time investment for MANY wonderful grows.!

I strongly suggest waiting to get a 5x5 tent and spend that money on QB lights.!

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@SlowOldGuy I have seen the posts for the QBs and the how tos on making them. I’m hoping by the time my first grow is finished I will have ordered all the parts and assembled at least one to use in addition to the blurple, then another 1 or 2 after that. If I can yield enough crop off the first grow 3-4oz Ill be able to rebudget my money from purchasing the product online or locally to using it for upgrades. Also my wife will be going back to work soon and that extra income will make upgrading alot easier. Like I said in my original post I know the light is subpar but I also don’t want to break the bank on lights if I decide not to continue with this venture


I know exactly how it feels to be saying that. My first three lights were all some version of Amazon cheapos. Then I found this forum and my whole outlook changed. I’ve been running hlg 135 v2 3000K 24/0 for weeks and I love this light. Its stable. Strong. Bright as the sun. It sounds like I’m paid by them and if I was I would proudly tell you because I love this light. And thats not overselling it. I’ll never use blurple again.

Btw put together your grow and keep an eye for the community grow off starting in a couple days. There you can see many different setups and watch them all grow different strains at the same time. Its gonna be epic.

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No thought on just growing in the 2x4 tent and building up as you go? All the little odds and ends will add up quick, and you can setup a 2x4 really well for a third the price as a rickety 5x5 setup.

If there’s any chance at all you won’t stick with it, I would avoid purchasing a 5x5 tent is all.


Check out the grow off. There are going to be lots of entries with their grow outlined. And you can follow people’s grow and see how they are doing and if you can see who’s grow is going well.

Its a good place to start for ideas because you can see a growers grow and then talk to them in the discussion room

getting Blurple lighting is like putting a flat tire on your car,
sure u might still get to your destination, but the ride is not going to be as pleasant.!

the light is your plant’s food, it is the biggest contributor to chlorophyll that powers the plant.!

if u do not want to ‘waste’ money on equipment that u might not keep using then i would strongly suggest an outdoor grow.!!
outside takes 1/10 to 1/20 the time and money of an indoor set up.!
it comes with free… light, air circulation, soil, water, bugs, deer, mold/mildew/rot, thieves…


Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Airy Marijuana Buds
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  1. Light – The most common reason buds don’t develop as densely as they could is the plant didn’t get enough light in the flowering stage. Although cannabis can survive in relatively low light levels, it won’t produce much bud. Up to a point, more light in the flowering stage = bigger buds. On the flip side, too-bright light (less common, but can happen when buds are too close to grow lights) can also cause buds to develop poorly and/or produce airy, hairy fox-tails.
  2. Strain / Genetics – Some strains will only produce airy buds no matter what you do. For example Sativa plants often grow buds that are less dense, while Indica buds tend to grow more compact. Although one style isn’t necessarily better than the other, if you want dense buds it’s important to start with genetics that come from a plant that grows dense buds.
  3. Temperature – Cannabis wants the temperature just right for optimal bud growth, which is about the same temperature as what’s comfortable for humans. Too hot temps in the flowering stage (especially above 85°F/30°C) can cause plants to develop loose buds, and can also cause buds to herm and become seedy.
  4. Nutrients – Buds won’t fatten and get dense unless they’re getting the right nutrients at the right time, which means low Nitrogen (N) and plenty of Phosphorus § and Potassium (K) in the flowering stage. Giving too much Nitrogen (found in all-purpose plant food) in the flowering stage results in smaller, looser buds. Learn more about nutrient ratios. Other nutrient problems and deficiencies can also negatively affect your bud development if left unchecked. However, the most common reason growers see nutrient problems hurt development in the flowering stage is incorrect pH at the plant roots.
  5. Airflow & Bud Spacing – Poor airflow around buds and lack of strong, direct light will prevent those buds from developing as densely as they could. Buds need a little space to themselves in order to get big and dense, and won’t fatten up if they’re not directly exposed to fresh air and strong light. In the wild cannabis is a wind-pollinated plant, so it only spends energy growing and fattening buds that are exposed to a breeze and the sun. To make sure the buds are getting a breeze, each big cola on your plant should have a few inches of space around it that it’s not sharing with leaves or other buds.