New grower, got sprouts, have questions

Beautiful work

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Time for the, “how long do you think I have left until harvest?” post. They still look clear to me.


  • 52 days from sprouting.
  • 23 days from when I noticed pre-flower
  • assuming still 2 to 4 weeks from harvest

I’m looking to maximize CBD.

All my harvest gear arrived today, so I’m ready when they are ready.

Also, does water usage drop off at some point during flower? It could just be that my pump screwed up, but I noticed more water in my drain trays today.

CBD Kush

White Widow CBD

Critical Mass CBD

Nice looking trichomes I say a few more weeks

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Yup he said it :point_up_2:t2: They will fatten up as they mature. The pistols will start to recede and turn an orangey color. Looks like almost all white in those pics. Looking good :+1:t2:

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Do you all think I’m closer to 4 weeks?

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I would think somewhere around 4 weeks. Sometimes they mature a little faster. Then some will take their sweet time finishing up and run long. You will notice the plants changing as they get closer to harvest. Great work!

Now that I’m closing in on harvest of the autos, I’m thinking more about putting the photo into flower. My tent has some pinhole light leaks mostly around the zipper and some stitching.

Daylight at my place is running from 7:45am to 5pm. I’m thinking of running my grow light from 10am to 10pm. So I’m looking at 2 - 3 hours of ambient light outside the tent while the grow light is off.

The main source of light is a skylight (I’m not covering) and through a couple louvered bifold doors. I can keep the bifolds closed after I finish my daily maintenance around 8pm, so little house light enters the room. I also live in a very rural place, so there is no nighttime light pollution through the skylight, just moonlight.

My question is: how important is it that I get to absolute dark in the tent? I’m fairly confident it’s currently darker than night under a full moon.

I can probably duct tape up the seam leaks from the inside. I don’t know if I can completely eliminate the zipper leaks.





Beautiful set up and sight

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The white Widow looks closest to harvest but still clear tricomes.

Maybe 3 weeks or more for sure

Tricome update - I think I’m getting just a couple cloudy tricomes.
White widow CBD.

CBD Kush

Critical Mass CBD

I just looked at a calendar. Presidents Day weekend is in 3 weeks. It would be awesome if they were ready for harvest then.

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I think I’m getting more cloudy tricomes on the white widow. Still not enough to harvest.

The Kush is still really clear & im not dragging the critical mass out tonight.

The Critical Mass CBD

The CBD Kush

@SilvaBack203 @Capt.Cola
Think these might be done by the 21st?

At least done enough for a WW CBD.

I say min 2 weeks still alot of clear

They look close! It’s possible they will be done in 10 days. Keep checking the trics over the next few days.